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12 Year Old Student Kicked Out Of Class For Wearing a Gadsden Flag Patch

12 Year Old Student Kicked Out Of Class For Wearing a Gadsden Flag Patch

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Freedom of expression doesn't appear to be of high value in a Colorado Springs Middle School where a 12 year old student was removed from class for displaying a Gadsden Flag patch on his bookbag. 

What's more, the school's staffers do not seem to value accuracy in history either, as they cited the reason for the student's removal from class being due to the Gadsden Flag's connection with the origins of (and promotion of) chattel slavery in America. 

Being free speech absolutists, we believe anybody can display whatever political insignia they wish, but if the school is going to insist on throwing a tantrum, they should at least get their facts straight

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Jaiden, the 12 year old student, and his mother (who appeared to be the one recording their meeting with the staffer at the school), pointed out, to no avail, that the Gadsden Flag was art created by Christopher Gadsden during the Revolutionary War

Needless to say to anyone who understands history, the Gadsden flag does not promote slavery or racism in any fashion. 

Nevertheless, the school insisted that the young student's patch was disruptive to the classroom and consequently followed with disciplinary action, barring him from class until he removes the patch. 

It is typical that some ignorant and misinformed activists relate the Gadsden Flag to racial inequality, but as professionals in the arena of education, it is critical that the facts are correct and that feelings do not get in the way. 

The irony, of course, is that while supposedly advocating diversity and tolerance in public schools, the system is quite intolerant to the diversity of opinion and political differences. Our message to this institution is quite simple: Do better. 

To the parents: homeschool your kids, and always remember, never let school get in the way of your education! 


You can see the full video here: 




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