Facts are More Important Than Your Feelings

Facts are More Important Than Your Feelings

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There's nothing quite as triggering, terrifying, or disruptive to some people as those dreaded facts.

If bullshit was an illicit high school party, facts would be like the cops showing up to bust up all the fun.

People like bullshit, it gives them a false sense of hope and security. 

No one ever said the truth was going to be fashionable, pleasant, or anything other than a needle arriving at just the wrong moment to burst the happy bubble you may have been blissfully floating upon for years. 

Nevertheless, we all must concede when undeniable facts emerge. 

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Whether you're steeped in left-wing orthodoxy or clinging to an antiquated conservative dogma, it's time for an age of reason; a renaissance of objectivity.

But wait a minute...

Maybe there is no such thing as a fact? Perhaps we're all swirling around an endless echo of infinite parallel universes, and existence itself is just a projection of a sporadically interpreted reality via some intangible, unexplained consciousness?

Or maybe reality is real and it's time to face the music?

I'll never claim to know all the facts, it's likely no human will ever possess an omniscient, completed catalog of knowledge. However, what we can do is not give up, not succumb to party favoritism, and willfully ignore facts because they deviate from our agenda, our political identity, or our perception of the world around us, no matter how upsetting it may be.

Facts are more important than your feelings


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