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The Gadsden Flag is Not a Racist Symbol and Never Will Be

The Gadsden Flag is Not a Racist Symbol and Never Will Be

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The Gadsden flag is an American revolutionary war symbol dating back to 1775. The symbol does not possess racist origins. In modern times the flag is commonly flown as a representation of the American revolutionary spirit; strength, sovereignty, individualism, rebelling against tyrannical rule, and the willingness to defend with force when necessary.

Interestingly, the flag has been used sporadically by racist organizations, including the KKK at times, which has distorted the perception of the imagery. The anecdotal misuse of the Gadsden symbology over the years has hoisted the flag into the realm of controversy, time and time again.

Our simple response is that we're not going to let them take it. We will struggle valiantly to reclaim and maintain what is valuable to us and preserve the intended meaning behind the symbol. It does not align with reason for a racist organization to brandish a flag that stands for the resistance of tyranny.

Deliberate Propagating of Controversy

There are only two possible explanations for why someone would propagate the myth that the Gadsden flag is a racist symbol. 1.) They do not know what the flag actually represents and carelessly flaunt their ignorance. 2.) They know what it represents, but view the conflict as a way to defame venerated "conservative" or libertarian symbols, thus politically weaponizing the controversy.

Being charged with racism is a serious accusation that can carry with it devastating social ramification. The accusation can even get a person fired from their job, expelled from school, or to become a pariah who is susceptible to violent retribution. Because certain individuals lack the ability to demonstrate integrity in their political discourse, they use the charge of racism to add muscle to their failing arguments or agendas. It's the modern day equivalent to calling someone a 'Blasphemer.'  

Perpetuating the idea that the Gadsden flag is a racist symbol is a campaign of defamation intended to cause harm on those who display the symbol accurately. It's a cheap tactic used in desperation. 

We're not being chased off by fear. We will continue to maintain our symbols and display, accurately, what they represent. In short, "Don't Tread on Me." 

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