Every Time a Politician Proposes a Gun Ban, I'm Buying Another Gun

Every Time a Politician Proposes a Gun Ban, I'm Buying Another Gun

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Every time a politician or political candidate proposes a gun ban, a gun restriction, or even if they say something embarrassing like 'Beto' O'Rourke saying, "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15's", I'm going to buy another gun.

True, at the high rate of gun ban propositions there are in America, this will likely bury me in insurmountable debt, but it will, nevertheless, send a message to Washington: 'You're not going to disarm us.'

Some say anti-gun politicians are America's greatest gun salesmen. Well, they're right; as well they should be. When we as freedom-loving Americans hear anti-second amendment rhetoric that threatens the foundation of liberty upon which we stand, we should buy more guns; we should fight back against the threat of tyranny. 

And what's a good way to fight back?

If my years of studying economics has taught me anything, the more guns we buy, the more guns will be manufactured. Supply and demand. The more guns that are owned by the people, the harder it will be to disarm us.

So, to all the grandstanding politicians out there who seek to bolster their image via threatening individual liberty, remember this: there will be plenty of men and women out there responding by flooding the market with more and more demand for gun production.

If they propose a ban, buy another gun!


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