I Have a Healthy Distrust of Authority

I Have a Healthy Distrust of Authority

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Throughout my life I have seen it; the pitiful masses thoughtlessly and comfortably convinced that those who maintain positions of authority are qualified experts with your best interest in mind. 

They rest their heads easy on the gentle pillow of misinformation, warm beneath their blankets of false security. They sleep like little fucking babies; unhindered, unimpeded, snug and satisfied, safe under the watchful eye of their mommies.

To nudge one of these petulant children awake from their cozy, delusional naps would spell you the harbinger of disaster, for those who herald the truth are the most hated individuals on the planet.

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And who would want to be disturbed by such a luxurious sleep? It would be like waking the dead from the bliss of perpetual slumber. We can't say we blame them. Comfortable lies are often much more pacifying and appealing than uncomfortable, violent truths.

"You're the sick one!" they will shout, ripping the blanket from your hand, re-covering themselves with the sheets of familiarity, their sensibilities reacquainted with the warmth, "why must you always question everything? Don't you know that these people are telling you the truth! They're just trying to help you! Authority is there for a reason! You're sick and troubled, you questioners of authority!"

That is where you are wrong, my dear friend. For you see, having a certain level of distrust for authority means that you are healthy, it means that you are on guard and your reflexes are functioning properly. Skepticism is a gift to the well. We must always question authority and scrutinize what we are being told as fact, otherwise, we cease to be human. That is our duty; eternal vigilance, eternal observation, and care, eternal resistance.

Having distrust for authority is healthy, very healthy... so stay healthy my friends ;)

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