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The Most Dangerous Virus is The Media

The Most Dangerous Virus is The Media

Libertarian Country |

Flipping through the channels and pausing to catch a news broadcast may seem like a harmless activity, but I assure you it is not.

The media is a virus and a propaganda machine, loading up syringes full of carefully calculated information and injecting it directly into your brain, transforming society into a maundering horde of zombies regurgitating barely conscious drivel, much like that of a severely drunken parrot.

John Q. Everyman may be scratching his head thinking, 'what the hell is this guy talking about? I'm just watching the evening news, there's nothing harmful about that.'


You may think the information you're being exposed to is harmless, and it very well may be. It may be just regular old boring nothing news. But let me tell you, it's just as intoxicating and mind-numbing as any other piece of media you consume. 


Because a very small percentage of the population is controlling all of the information that is being broadcast over the airwaves and satellites. So then it's not necessarily what you're being exposed to--although some things are more sinister than others--but rather, the methodology in which you are being exposed to that information. 

Whatever mainstream media unleashes into the airwaves, and across the satellites, and through the tangled web of the internet, becomes infectious. It spreads like wildfire. 

Some may think the media is harmless because they just watched an uplifting news piece about a 4th-grade teacher saving a choking kid's life in the cafeteria, but with a tear of pensive joy still lingering in their eye, they forget what enormous power these people possess; how they can get into your mind and control what resides there. 

There is a good reason that the proverbial saying, he who controls the media, controls the mind, exists and remains true.

It's a dangerous virus, the media... a dangerous virus indeed. 

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