We Can Run Our Own Lives Better Than The Government Can

We Can Run Our Own Lives Better Than The Government Can

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Contrary to the opinion of the statist elite, most of us are perfectly capable of running our own lives-- and we don't need constant (or any for that matter) intrusion by the government. 

Giving power to the government is hardly any different from giving a child a pad of paper and a sash with the title 'Hall Monitor' proudly inscribed upon it. Soon, everyone is deemed incapable of the simple task of walking down a hallway, and the detention centers begin to overflow with "criminals". 

We don't need chaperones and micromanagers breathing down our neck, forcing our hand, meddling and controlling every or any aspect of our lives. Most of us are fully functioning adults and we don't need other people, who are ripe with just as many flaws as we are, lording over us like kings.

Libertarians are Such Elitists They Believe They Can Run Their Lives Better Than the Government Can Shirt

When we have no choice, when we are threatened with force (business closures, violence, fines, incarceration etc.) and the government does take the lead or total control over a situation, they never fail to show their utter incompetence and failure

Not only are we capable of running our own lives, but we are much better at it than the government. 

Even if we are not capable of running our own lives better than the government could, they should still leave us the hell alone!


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