Let's Defund The Thought Police

Let's Defund The Thought Police

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If every day you feel closer and closer to being stuck in the middle of a dystopian George Orwell novel, you're not alone. 

The marketplace for the free exchange of ideas has been infiltrated by the Thought Police, who are heavily armed with skull-piercing independent-thought-seeking missiles, and the freshly polished baton of censorship and silence.

Yes, the days of vivacious intellectual intercourse are but a fading memory; a fragmented relic of the past, whispered in the modern day speakeasy, where the last brave souls converge to utter a thought unsullied by mainstream media indoctrination.

But beware, lurking outside are the Thought Police, pressing an ear against the moist brick wall of the underground saloon, hoping to catch a rebel, a renegade, a criminal, a "diseased" libertarian freethinker.

We always hoped this day wouldn't come but feared it would--with good reason--but never could we have imagined where the funding for the Thought Police would come; yesteryear's liberal college professor, safe within their fortress of higher education, handing down edicts to a new battalion of cyborgs, unconscious but 'woke', ready to strip you of your last freedom.

And they're coming. Oh yes, they're coming for you. That's why we must defund the Thought Police. Wipe them out. 

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