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You Are Being Lied To

You Are Being Lied To

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Those in positions of authority, whether it's government, media, science or academia, have never been strangers to corruption. They lie, simple as that.

Even still, Americans and people around the world seem to have this innate sense of security that reassures them that those who man the lights, those in control, are offering them valid information. 

Not everything you hear is false, but as we delve into the web of information that is being released by those in positions of power, we come to learn that the truth is often something that needs to be sifted out through the sands of misinformation.

William Shakespeare once said, "All the world's a stage." 

As consumers of this information, what is our responsibility? 

If we are to be intellectually honest, we must not assume that what we hear is false, nor can we assume that it is true. What is imperative is that when we enter into the mode of receiving information, we do so with a healthy level of skepticism. And understand, in the grand scheme of things, that we are being lied to.

The problem with misinformation is that it spreads easily. Argumentum ad Verecundiam occurs, and this misinformation becomes canonized by the masses. The truth becomes hidden below layers of debris, and must be dug out from the wreckage of media sensationalism or government doctors attempting to sedate the angry public with a hearty dose of pseudo-science.  

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. This doesn't mean we only have to arm ourselves against invading forces or a tyrannical government sending in legions of troops to strip us of our freedom. It also means we must safeguard ourselves from misinformation.

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