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We Don't Need The Nanny State

We Don't Need The Nanny State

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In libertarian circles and beyond, it is frequently debated: what, if any, should the role and function of government be? One thing that most of us can agree on is that we don't need an over-reaching government interfering with every aspect of our lives; also known as 'The Nanny State'.

Human beings have an innate desire to be free. The will to liberation is the spark which has ignited many revolutions throughout history, and continues to be an objective fought for throughout the world, even today.

The spirit of liberation and this desire to be free is inherent in all of us. Even 'big government liberals' cheer thunderously in the movie theatre when Hollywood releases an action-packed thriller where the ragtag group of rebels rise up against an oppressive, omnipotent capitol and their totalitarian ruler.

Legalize Freedom

Many of us remember being teenagers with youthful vigor, having the tantalizing hope that one day we would have our own car, our own place, our own lives, free from our parent's rules, to where we could do whatever the hell we wanted to do.

It was the quiet daydream that kept us motivated; play by their rules now, and one day we will be free to live how we want.

Little did we know at the time, there was another force, diligently working behind the scenes deciding how invasive they could be in our lives the moment we turned into adults.

Sure, we knew the basic rules of being an adult; get a job, work, be decent, don't get drunk and drive, don't steal from your fellow citizen, and try not to kill anyone during a bout of ravenous road rage...but never did we think we'd have a new set of parents to deal with, perhaps even more strict than the ones we had before; big daddy government.

Laws are being passed all the time, from second-hand smoke to table salt bans and everything in-between, all in the name of protecting you from you.

We don't want it, we don't need it. We don't need a chaperone to the dance of life. We need freedom; freedom to make mistakes, freedom to decide for ourselves how to correct the mistakes we make, freedom to live, freedom to die, freedom.

The more we allow the government to nibble away at our freedoms, the closer we will get to the dystopian, totalitarian nightmare once portrayed in the cinematic thrillers we so delightfully cheered over when the rebels dismantled their kingdom...

only in reality it'll be too late for the underdogs to thwart their devilish rulers. In reality, the stronger we allow government to become, the chance of liberation will become more and more futile. We must resist NOW.


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