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Independent Thinkers Are The Enemy of The Mindless Masses

Independent Thinkers Are The Enemy of The Mindless Masses

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It's no state secret; independent thinkers will face the ruthless stupidity of the mindless masses. We will endure harsh criticism from those suffering from mob psychosis, but this should never deter us from proudly taking the position of free and independent thinkers.

History's intellectual battlefields are riddled with the corpses of those who valiantly defended the truth and succumbed to the onslaught of reckless mob mentality--but they perished honorably, and the truth remains immortal. 

Independent thinkers are soldiers, often standing alone or outnumbered, on an arduous quest for truth and sanity against a myriad of propaganda, indoctrination and manipulation, levied against the foundations of liberty by those who rapaciously desire limitless power and world dominance.

Total mass subjugation is the goal of the elite, and they will employ deception and manipulation tactics to pit large portions of the population against the minority freethinker. Wave after wave of obedient, zombie-like subjects are unknowingly on a search-and-destroy mission to eradicate the remaining free and independent citizens of the world. 

The mission of the independent thinker is clear--unless they choose to fall victim to the putrid conformity that will consume them. We will take up our pens and lift our voices as weapons to deprogram the hypnotized, and liberate them from the mass psychosis that will soon spell our annihilation. 

We will always be vigilant, we will never surrender.


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