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Dear Citizens: An Open Letter to The American People

Dear Citizens: An Open Letter to The American People

Libertarian Country |

Dear Citizens,

It's not too late. It doesn't have to be this way. There is still hope. 

What happened to us, dear American people? A threat against liberty was once upon a time the shrill siren of a child in danger; everyone of us paused and was alerted to the threat. We took it seriously. Neighbors joined with other neighbors in the hunt to stamp out the tyranny before it took root and disheveled the republic.

It mattered. Freedom and liberty, it mattered to all of us at one time. Now, many of you dear citizens hate us, or you reject us as the vile, lunatic "right wing fringe." We are no longer portrayed as heroic freedom fighters to the children, those once brave souls who were willing to die to preserve liberty. Now, we are ghosts, stripped of our respect, lost to antiquity, stuck between the pages of history, long forgotten and never to be seen with valor again.

That American spirit of defiance and rebellion... where did it go? What happened to it? How did we get so complacent and weak? Men, if our grandfathers bore witness to what we have become, what would they think of you? How ashamed would they be to see all they have fought for slipping through the fingers of time and drifting away with the indifferent wind?

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We were born free, dear citizens of this republic, and we must rekindle that flame, that passionate flame that once burned within us all. The fire of rebellion. It must be set ablaze again. When the tyrants come with unjust edicts, mandates, and force, we must remember that fiery passion, for we have truth and righteousness on our side. We don't have to comply with tyranny. We must forever be at war with it. This was the responsibility handed down to us by those who laid down their lives to preserve the liberty we once honored and revered.

There is something in you, my dear citizens, that know something is wrong. The world is changing. Freedom is dying. You can feel it. You can feel it washing away with the tides. Yet it is not too late. It is not too late to reclaim liberty in the name of justice for all those who suffered from its theft and decay. Freedom and liberty can once again be alive with magnificent fervor. It is not beyond our grasp...

but we must fight for it. We must set aside our differences and focus on the main objective; the restoration and preservation of liberty. If we lose it, my dear citizens of this republic, it is almost assured that we will never again possess it. It is time to take the stance once and for all, that we will fight and die for liberty once again.


Your fellow American, Libertarian Country

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