The American Spirit of Freedom Must be Revitalized

The American Spirit of Freedom Must be Revitalized

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Movies like The Hunger Games and V for Vendetta encapsulate the vivacious spirit of fighting against totalitarianism, and theatrically display humankind's innate desire to live free.

These movies, themed with the spirit of fighting for freedom, resonate with audiences, yielding millions of dollars at the Box Office-- yet, when tyranny escapes the big screen and lands thunderously at the front door of American citizens, that spirit seems to disappear faster than Kevin Spacey's acting career.

If the days of Covid has shown us anything, it's the disturbing level of complacency, or outright willful compliance with tyranny by much of the American population.

Plainly put, the mask mandates, business closures, lockdowns and vaccine passports (such as in New York City), should have never occurred. The mere utterance of these words from government should have sent the people into a frenzy of resistance.

That vigor, that drive towards freedom is sorely lacking in our country. Understanding the importance of not allowing the government to strip away rights--even in the event of a global pandemic--is imperative to the restoration and preservation of freedom. 

The American spirit of freedom must be revitalized. People must understand that allowing the government to nibble away at your rights will only intensify their rapacious appetite to consume your freedom wholly, and have you living as the subordinate and impotent dregs of society you once rooted for on the big screen.


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