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Why is There No Maximum Wage?

Why is There No Maximum Wage?

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For obvious reasons, we would fully support a maximum wage in congress, but does it make sense for wage earners in the private sector? Some countries have implemented a maximum wage to fight inflation. While some people have made interesting arguments, could America deviate from its free wheelin' history to put a cap on the ol' American Dream? 

Now economics may be a science, but it certainly isn't physics. For example, it's already been well established in our universe that a maximum speed exists (186,000 miles per second, the speed of light) and string theorists are still trying to confirm the absolute smallest form of matter.

People feel a certain level of comfort knowing there are set boundaries, but also an inner defiance that makes it all the more adventurous and life-affirming to smash those boundaries apart. 

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We're a species of record-setters and record-breakers. We always want to see where the secret door leads us. We're intrigued by going beyond what limits are set. Eventually, we'll find something that goes faster than light and smaller than the tiny one-dimensional strings that supposedly build up all matter. 

So why would we ever believe that it's likely to set a maximum wage and have people live by it? Just more nonsensical socialist policies that never amount to anything in the real world. A maximum wage would be a triumph of the subjective. 

I find the notion to be rather entertaining, but as I said, economics is not physics. Finding a way to horde more wealth than what the law allows isn't the same thing as exceeding the speed of light - it can be done by mere mortals, and the pursuit to earn as much as possible is the noble cause, not restricting that dream.  

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