Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at The Oscars Was Likely Staged

Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at The Oscars Was Likely Staged

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To maintain our integrity, we'll start by saying that we do not know for certain that Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars was fake, but there are some factors to consider that lend to the likelihood that it was a staged publicity stunt.

Rock's rigid mannerisms prior to contact suggests that he had previous knowledge that a blow was coming and that he was prepared for it. A careful look at the video shows Rock bracing for contact, leaning forward and offering his cheek. 

My years of martial arts training, competition sparring and demonstrations--as well as general understanding of human behavior--tell me that it's highly unusual for a genuine attack to transpire in this manner. Typically, someone threatened with an aggressor rapidly approaching them will either back up defensively and assess the situation, or their hands instinctively raise to protect themselves.

But we don't see this.

Rock's braced posture, and Smith's controlled execution of the 'attack' appear theatrical, much like a coordinated martial arts exhibition. Actors, particularly action-film actors like Smith, would certainly have been exposed to this type of training. 

Whether this was a staged publicity stunt at the 2022 Oscars or a genuine assault remains debatable, of course, but we believe that it was a hoax.

But what does this have to do with libertarianism or politics in general?

Good question, we're glad you asked. 

The media, television, radio, newspapers etc. have historically been the medium through which deception and propaganda have been transmitted to the masses by governments, big corporations and the elite.

The fragile foundation of liberty requires a skeptical public; one that questions everything they see on television or hear on the news--even something seemingly irrelevant to reality as the Oscars.  

The public's first question should not have been "why did Will Smith go ballistic on Chris Rock?" their first question should have been, "Did this actually happen?"

This is important, because if we're collectively duped by an event at the Oscars, so too can we be duped by anything we see on the television.

We must train ourselves to be more skeptical, because there are constant attempts to manipulate your mind for the benefit of the very powerful. These 'attacks' will take many different forms, so we must always be vigilant.


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