Only Losers and Cowards Wish For Communism

Only Losers and Cowards Wish For Communism

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I've navigated through many political and economic debates in my life, carefully crafting thoughtful--and even polite and respectful--arguments to persuade vehement statist leftists to flee the dark side and join the brave souls in the capitalist jungle, where things are wild, brutal, beautiful and free.

With fear and trepidation, the renegade communist flees back to their safe, idealistic Marxist ideology and abandons the notion of ever embracing their humanity enough to admit capitalism might just be a better idea after all. 

You almost had him convinced for a minute, so you continue to articulate your polite arguments, hoping a spark will set the fire of sense and reason.   

But being polite, as some of us may know, is rather exhausting. Sometimes you just want to cut to the chase and dish out the real reason that people flock to communism

And that's what this article is all about. 

Observe the capitalist, watch them, study their habits. They're not afraid to compete. They're not afraid to be utterly destroyed, because the fruit of the victory is worth the raging battle. The risk is worth the reward, so they fight. They're bold and courageous. At heart, even if they do not claim victory, they are still winners. They believed in themselves enough to compete. They're warriors with honor and valor.

Now observe the communist. They fear competition. They fear the game so much they don't even want to compete in one. They want to, in a blazing hissy fit, flip the game table over and throw the pieces out the window, like your little cousin who could never win at Monopoly. 

It's true; holding the opinion that there should be no competition, no rank, no rich, no poor, no battle, is an opinion that only the weak could adhere to. 

Warriors fight, cowards flee. 

Only losers and cowards wish for communism.

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