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September 19, 2019

gun control is bullshit

Clearly Nathan Rubin believes that if something is written into law by a politician, then whoever practices civil disobedience against such a law is an "irresponsible criminal". 

Those in the past like Rosa Parks who have challenged unfair laws, in Rubin's mind, is a lawless deviant.

There are countless revolutionaries who, through civil disobedience, have brought about immense progress. Conforming mindlessly to every pedestrian, ill-conceived, corrupt law pulled out of a politicians ass? Not so much progress.  

This is only part of why Rubin's comment is so cringe-inducing... 


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The real reality is that any politician who attempts to write laws in order to confiscate guns is actually the irresponsible criminal, not those who resist it, since they're intentionally ignoring the Constitution. 

The people have a responsibility to actively frustrate immoral and tyrannical laws. The limitations we've put on our government are, on the other hand, created precisely to prevent tyrannical and immoral laws from being considered in the first place.

Yes, there is an entire system in place to make sure idiots like Beto O'rourke can't just take innocent people's guns away on a whim. 

Those who resist gun confiscation are always the patriots, the politicians who demand it are always the traitors.

They're literally asking our military, who swore an oath to protect the Constitution, to dishonor themselves by breaking their oath and then going to war against the very people the Constitution is supposed to defend.

Disarming peaceful individuals is always an act of aggression. 


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Ironic to Rubin's comment, you simply cannot be a law abiding citizen by agreeing to go along with tyranny.

It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government. 

So yeah, if you're going to threaten to confiscate our guns, then COME AND TAKE IT. 

-Law abiding citizens. 


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