Understand History or Trust Your Government; You Can't Do Both

Understand History or Trust Your Government; You Can't Do Both

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Whenever an event in human history demands a society's collective obedience and conformity, the government becomes the sacred cow. The hoi polloi will vehemently defend those in power and provoke any who dare question the only true narrative.  

Understand History or Trust Your Government You Can't Do Both

The skeptics, however, always shoulder the burden of proof. He must, in real time, refute every claim made by the state as it happens. He also must be prepared to face down the angry, unquestioning masses who become the accomplices of the state’s fiction and brutality.  

He is confronted with a dangerous choice: quietly and politely reserve himself to go along with the charade or challenge authority and risk being consumed in the blaze of damnable heresy. For those who think for themselves, the witch hunt is always on.  

Those with faith and devotion toward authority are spared the arduous task of supplying any evidence of why their beloved state is worthy of trust. It is true because they saw it on tv, and the “experts” all agreed. A comfortable position to hold, yet it all blurs under scrutiny.  


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What Makes The State So Worthy of Trust?  

If you ask the typical statist what exactly the state has done to earn their respect and trust, they will not be able to give a cogent answer. Not one example.  

The level of denial the average person exhibits in defense of their government is breathtakingly staggering.  

Those in power have lied incessantly, they have willingly and with forethought and malice intentionally swindled the public, and despite history constantly revealing the errors of unconditional trust, the people clamor for more authority.  

Throughout recorded history, there has been a documented propensity for those in power to cover up facts, withhold evidence, spin the truth, manipulate anecdotes, silence opposition, create narratives, and deceive. Yet, the charge of skepticism wanes with every passing generation. Our spirit of distrust and rebellion continues to fade.  

The only salient conclusion that can be drawn is that we just are unaware of the historic abuses of government. It would be a marvel to behold if somebody could understand all of these past atrocities and still bend the knee with loyalty. 


What do we need?  

A population who learns and understands their history. A public who demands evidence and thinks critically. A society whose critical mass will put the burden of proof on those in power and not those with a God-given right to question.

Be suspicious of the bullshit that's going on behind the scenes. Challenge authority with the same indignation and vigor that we do the dissenters. 

Whenever there is some “cataclysmic” event or “emergency” where the state requires our full abdication of individual rights, a mob of torches and pitchforks forms in front of those in power, not against the innocent.  

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