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Libertarian Critique of 'Social Justice Warriors'

Libertarian Critique of 'Social Justice Warriors'

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So called 'Social Justice Warriors' are a rising trend in Universities in developed countries, particularly in the United States. They are involved chiefly in online activism and campus rallying. The self-proclaimed social justice warriors that I know and have spent a good deal of time with have taken their demonstrations public as well.

They're largely known for taking an uncompromising approach to confronting social justice issues and are largely criticized for being 'totalitarian' in their methodologies.

Before I offer a critique of this so called 'Social Justice Warrior' movement, I would like to invest some rational argumentation in their defense.

These individuals are mostly young College students who are being persuaded by their Professors and driven by a sort of 'popular rebellion'.

I take some solace in the fact that these individuals are fired up about something, have the desire to do what they think is something good, and are actively attempting to fight racism and bigotry.  It's a step up from mindlessly watching T.V. and talking about celebrities.

The drawback, however, is that in their effort to be non-conformists, they are in fact conforming with a different type of social norm.   

Liberalism and social and political activism is no stranger to campus culture. In fact, it's been around for quite some time. So imbued is this culture on some campuses that it's actually considered deviant to present conservative ideology or ideas that contravene the strict principles established by the 'moral majority.' (which is not necessarily the actual majority.)

As a Libertarian I wholly support the individual liberty of all peoples. This would include homosexuals, transgendered individuals, blacks, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, women, and so on.

In some cases I would agree with the "social justice warriors" ideologically. However, where the critique comes into play revolves principally around their methodology in obtaining the results or 'justice' they seek. 

My first criticism to this movement is a commonly upheld pattern they routinely demonstrate. In almost all cases of reasoned objection to either their ideology or their behavior, their opposition is met with an asinine and crass reply. That reply, of course, is drawing the assumption that their opposition are 'bigoted' or 'racist'. 


Make Orwell Fiction Again


This willingness to project this label onto their opposition is ironically bigoted in itself. Once you've closed the dialogue, you've effectively executed a disservice to your plight, your message and your entire movement. 

My second, and perhaps most important, criticism is their insistence on summoning Government intervention.

I would vote down any Jim Crow law that was ever in existence or would ever come into existence. I reject all forms of systemic racism within our Government. On the flip side of that coin, however, I also reject any kind of laws that would stifle freedom of speech or propagate a 'politically correct' set of rigid rules.

You can't eradicate racism and bigotry with laws and Government, at least not in a true sense. Essentially that is the agenda of the SJW movement; to rid the world of social injustice by means of government legislation.

It's a superficial band-aid solution to a deep cut problem.

Invoking Government legislation to combat 'micro-aggression' is counter-productive. Dissolving racism and hatred, on a social level, isn't something that will be accomplished through social engineering and thought police.

Political Correctness does not solve the issue, it only masks it while presenting further issues. It would be like painting pretty colors over a dilapidated wall instead of fixing the wall itself. And by inserting political correctness or laws that forbade freedom of speech, you're creating an even more oppressed society.

Racism, hatred, bigotry are ills of society that cannot be expunged by means of force. It's something that requires patience, not politics. Evolution, not social engineering. Education, not indoctrination. Dangerous open discussion, not safe spaces.

A "perfect world" is subjective; it's all a matter of whose eyes you're looking through. In order to preach tolerance, one must embrace the meaning themselves.

'Social Justice Warriors' should critically analyze themselves and the world around them. Instead of throwing temper tantrums and demanding justice, they should first experience the real world and gain wisdom and clear perspective.

Totalitarianism and Government intervention is not going to rid humanity of its ills. Do not become a tyrant yourself in the process of fighting tyranny. Do not become a bigot while fighting bigotry.


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