Why You Should Support Marijuana Legalization Even if You Don't Smoke it

Why You Should Support Marijuana Legalization Even if You Don't Smoke it

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I'm a vehement supporter of Marijuana legalization, which comes as a surprise to some people because I don't use it myself.

That's right, I personally do not like it, I don't smoke it and I have absolutely no interest in using it whatsoever... so why do I support both the medicinal and recreational use of Marijuana?

It's quite simple really. I believe in personal liberty. 


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I know a guy who drinks a 12 pack of beer every night when he gets home from work. Now, this wouldn't be how I would spend my afternoon, but he is perfectly within the law to be able to enjoy this particular recreation. 

So what's the difference with Marijuana? Instead of a 12 pack of beer, what if he decided he wanted to roll a joint or take a few hits from the bong?

Suddenly becoming intoxicated from a substance is a horrible thing that needs to be criminalized

If he throws on the TV and drinks some beer then he's just an average law-abiding citizen. If he smokes some weed, however, oh now he is a dangerous criminal and belongs behind bars, right?

It's time people pull themselves from the lingering affects of voodoo pharmacology and Dragnet reruns and realize it's not that big of a deal if people choose to smoke weed as their method of relaxation.

Nobody belongs in jail for smoking a damn joint. It's ridiculous, and regular people all across the country are thankfully realizing this to be true. 

But there are some who still think you should be in jail for it. I say to those individuals, who possess a profound, mystical and irrational hatred for marijuana smokers, to remember what the ideals of this country are; personal liberty so long as it doesn't infringe on your rights.

Someone getting high in their living room, watching cartoon network and eating 3 bags of chips and a half gallon of Ben & Jerry's ice cream isn't infringing on your rights, just for the record. 


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