• Why You Should Buy T-Shirts from Libertarian Country

December 12, 2016 3 Comments

Why You Should Buy T-Shirts from Libertarian Country

Libertarian Country is one of the fastest growing Libertarian clothing stores online. We print all of our apparel here at our shop in Baltimore, Maryland. We are committed to quality and customer service, but we don't just say that to sell people T-Shirts. 

In fact, as a proponent to free market capitalism, one of the most loathsome experiences I occasionally must face is poor customer service from a company. (Bad businesses are a bad image for capitalism, which is already a word and concept that is under heavy criticism.) I know that feeling of dread or helplessness when dealing with a representative of a company that has no actual interest in how you feel whatsoever. 

We never want any of our customers to experience that. It's something we are extremely passionate about.

We've been in business since our formation in 2011 and we've maintained an intrepid stance on providing world class customer service. 

We have a 5-Star rating on Amazon and Etsy and even as we expand our operation we have never lost that passion, it has never even diminished whatsoever and it never will. 

Service and quality are the foundation of a company. Libertarian Country was built on that strong foundation and we will continue to grow while never letting that foundation weaken. 

There are many places to buy T-Shirts online. There are many places to buy Libertarian T-Shirts online as well. But if you want the real deal in Libertarian Tees then Libertarian Country is the place for you.

We are a company owned and operated by real Libertarians and good people who really stand by what we do.

Come find out why we're the best place online to buy Libertarian apparel.



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3 Responses

Joe from Winback
Joe from Winback

September 09, 2021

Hi, I’m the developer of Cartback (FB Messenger marketing) which you used on www.libertariancountry.com last year for your abandoned carts.

FB Messenger isn’t effective anymore. But SMS is huge. That’s what my new app Winback does (https://apps.shopify.com/winback)

Can I send you a case study of how a store similar to www.libertariancountry.com increased their sales by 17% through text messages?


Charles Griffth Ferry Jr
Charles Griffth Ferry Jr

September 09, 2021

My lawyer will see your lawyer or lawyers in court for trademark violation. I own the trademarks associated with the Libertarian Party of the United States, the Libertarian Party of the US, the Libertarian Party National Committee, and the Libertarian National Committee. Your records with CafePress shall be obtained via subpoena and we will know your legal names, addresses and bank accounts. They shall be forfiet. You shall be doing hard jail time and forced to pay heavy fines. You are in serious violation of US Criminal Law and our United States Federal Election Commission, not to mention the FBI or your local US District office of your regional US Supreme Court district. This is for real. I am not joking around. You have one alternative and that is for you to refund all the money you stole in pretending to be an official funding source for the Libertarian Party of the US, or we may work out a plea bargin. Your choice.


September 09, 2021

Hello i want to know where and how are made your t shirt..

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