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Kids and Capitalism

Kids and Capitalism

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Parents often wonder if they should teach their kids about capitalism in America. This article will answer the question about whether you should teach your children about economic systems.

Let's dive in.

Yes, You Should Teach Your Kids About Capitalism

It's music to a socialist teacher's ears when they hear parents say "Oh, just let kids be kids for a while," refusing to educate their children about economic and political systems.

By the time many parents decide to teach their children about the principles of capitalism, it's too late; their socialist teachers have already indoctrinated them to believe that capitalism is evil.

Douglas Blair, who has taught children from ages 3 to 13, wrote about his encounter with one of his elementary school students.

The student was working on a project listing famous Britons and was struggling to finish the assignment. Mr. Blair suggested Winston Churchill to his young student and she scoffed with disgust.

According to the child, Winston Churchill, the man who saved Europe from the Nazis, was a "racist" who didn't think women should have any rights.

In the race to see who can indoctrinate children first, one of her socialist teachers had already won. The thought Oh, just let kids be kids for a while never entered her former teacher's mind.

Thus, the effort to instill the concept of critical thinking on the subject of Winston Churchill was enfeebled. The child's mind was made up; Churchill was a bad guy.

It's estimated around 87% of public school teachers are registered Democrats, many of whom describe themselves as "very liberal" and hold anti-capitalist views.

By now, it should be common knowledge that socialists have infiltrated the public school system to overthrow capitalism and the principles of American liberty. School children are consciously and subconsciously recruited in the culture war as early as kindergarten.

If you're determined to believe that it's just another "right-wing paranoid delusion," don't be surprised when your kid turns 16 and your new driver pulls into the garage with a Feel the Bern sticker plastered on their bumper.

How did this happen? the confused and obfuscated parent may wonder.

There's a raging war for the minds of your children, and you thought it was a "paranoid fantasy"--that's how it happened.

Through the years of public schooling, your child has been exposed to covert and blatant socialist rhetoric and indoctrination. While you were playing golf and "letting your kids be kids," the leftists went to battle, conditioning your offspring to be future comrades in the war against capitalism.

You have to fight back before it's too late. Unfortunately, that means you have to scrap the idea that children are too young to learn about free market economics. They're not.

It's not only smart, but it's your duty as a freedom-loving parent.

Your kids can still have fun and be kids, but it's never too early to start laying a good foundation and teaching your children about the libertarian principles that built this country and permeate the U.S. Constitution.

Even if they are not vocal about it, your children are perpetually curious about what you believe in. There's nothing wrong with teaching them your values, principles and virtues.

It's not indoctrination to share your political beliefs with your kids. Some will call it indoctrination, but who cares? If you don't "indoctrinate" them, somebody else will.

If you're worried that you're indoctrinating your kids, you can simply teach them the principles of critical thought, which I highly recommend. Teach them how to think for themselves, how to question narratives and draw their own conclusions.

You can say, "Son, daughter, we believe the most effective, practical and moral economic system is capitalism because it echoes and emphasizes the concept of individual liberty in an open and competitive marketplace allowing the flames of innovation to breathe freely. You're always welcome to intellectually disagree with your parents. We will love you no matter what. But we want to share our highly valued beliefs because we highly value you."

Help your kids learn and understand what capitalism is and why it's favored around the globe. Conversely, allow them to understand why people reject capitalism and favor socialism. Education is imperative, and the more they learn, the more well-rounded and prepared for the real world they will be.

It's like George Carlin said, "Don't just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything." 

Education is not indoctrination. You don't need to force your kids to be capitalists, you only need to offer them viable and cogent reasons why you subscribe to the philosophy of libertarianism and its free market economic principles.

They will see that you're honorable people and respect you for it.

If that level of intrepid leadership and noble guidance from their parents is absent, they will inevitably be shaped into whatever their teachers are cramming down their throats.

Teach your children what indoctrination is and how to avoid it. Teach them that they have the inalienable right to think for themselves and formulate their own opinions and beliefs.

You can teach your children values, morality, and ethics, and share your beliefs without being an oppressive force in their lives. Lead by example and good character.

These socialist teachers can't wait to get your children in a position where they are figures of authority and your children are subordinate. If it's the only authority they know, your children will become their leftist protégés.

Ridding the world of socialist dominance starts with educating our children and future generations on the fundamental principles of libertarianism and the economic superiority of capitalism.

Yes, it's time to teach your kids about capitalism.


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