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People Will Be Wearing Masks Forever

People Will Be Wearing Masks Forever

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Everywhere I go I see young, healthy people in their 30s and 40s still wearing face masks. Didn't they get the memo? The mask mandates are over.

The sad reality is that some people will be wearing masks now for the rest of their lives.

As a libertarian, I believe people are free to wear masks if they choose to--especially if they have underlying medical conditions that make them vulnerable to infection--but there's a deeper issue here.

Many of the people wearing masks are perfectly healthy. The ritual is just that--a ritual.

They've been conditioned by the government and media to accept the mask as a part of their body. Even if there is no longer any fear of Covid-19 or the plethora of various viruses known to humankind, they are dedicated to the mask--and more importantly, to maskism.

My criticism isn't necessarily about wearing masks, it's about the psychological warfare utilized by the government and the media to indoctrinate hordes of people into abject conformity.

The level of power that the state wields over much of its population is appalling. Their psychological operation has penetrated so deep that people are fiercely incapable of overcoming their addiction to "emergency" subservience.

The mask has become a cultural symbol to statists who view the authority of the government as angelic and omniscient. Not only mandatory, wearing the mask has become a badge of honor and zeal for them.

So great is their dedication to this strange sub-culture of maskism, that the government they love so much can't even break the spell. Perhaps it's not a sub-culture so much as it is a new religion.

The CDC and government health officials can ardently suggest not wearing them, but their words are heresy to the mask zealots who subscribe to the old testament of state orthodoxy.

The mask mandates are canon that the congregation of this new religion can never break. To be seen without their masks would be a sin worthy of eternal damnation.

To the maskists, the Book of Fauci has spoken, and they must forever obey the sacred decree.


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