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Fear is For Sale, But We Don't Have to Buy It

Fear is For Sale, But We Don't Have to Buy It

Libertarian Country |

Everywhere you look, fear is being mass marketed to the general population. The government and the media capitalize on our patronage.

But we don't have to buy the product they're selling.

Yes, there are things in this world that can hurt and kill you. Nobody is challenging that basic reality.

But we don't need to be subsumed in fear. We don't need to live our lives constantly afraid. That's what the powerful people of this world want. They want us to be weak and fearful, so we are easier to control.

When a society of critical-thinking individuals understands the general risks of life but is not immobilized by them, we become strong and less likely to succumb to media and state-controlled brainwashing.

Some will say that we are fearmongering by telling them that the media and the government are issuing campaigns of fear to control them; such a sinister reality is enough to make them more afraid.

We're libertarians, we're not fearmongering. We want you to stop being afraid.

You don't need to be afraid of media sensationalism and government brainwashing tactics, you just need to be aware that they're happening. The only power they have is when you become a willing audience in their theater.

All the world's a stage, and the puppet masters need a hypnotized crowd for their magic show to properly deceive.

Burn the ticket.

How do we fight against such carefully articulated indoctrination, gaslighting and mental manipulation?

Critical thought is how we derail the stampede of misinformation and lies from chasing us into oblivion and utter subservience. We must learn how to think for ourselves and question everything we are being told.

Understand that both the biggest threat against them, and their greatest weapon against us, is our minds.

Our minds are powerful weapons. We must be vigilant to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands.

When our minds are free, rational and impervious to authoritarian tinkering, the elitist war criminals and oligarchs become terrified.

When our minds are conditioned, looted, manipulated and enslaved, powerful entities and organizations will use them as weapons against us, ushering in totalitarianism and a dystopian nightmare that the hypnotized will see as paradise and nirvana.

The most effective way to control someone is through fear.

Fear is a powerful response in the amygdala that overpowers the proper function of the frontal cortex in the brain, dismantling the ability to think rationally and cognitively.

Once a person enters into a deep state of panic, the purveyors of fear need only to become the source and method upon which the threat may be eradicated. The hypnotized victim offers their subordination in exchange for alleviating the danger.

The government promises safety and positive outcomes if you obey their commands. The fear-stricken herd complies with their orders, thinking that it will lead them out of danger. We saw this vividly with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Compliance with tyranny will never free you from danger, it will only make you more vulnerable and weakened to it.

We have to break the spell.

When government-controlled corporate media begin propagating lies, misinformation and fearmongering, we must be aware and resilient. We must understand what they are up to, and refuse to purchase their neatly packaged product of fear.

This isn't "right-wing paranoia and fantasy", it's reality. Even intellectual liberals like Steven Pinker have criticized the government and media for issuing campaigns of fear against the public. Hell, even Michael Moore and Marylin Manson have spoken against it. 

Also, the great George Carlin.

It's a reality, folks. The government and the media want you to be afraid. They want to control who and what you hate. They want to tug the marionette of your emotions, manipulating your fear, anger and sympathies to whatever they desire.

But you don't have to be afraid. You don't have to be a victim of their abuse. All you need to do is shake the sleep spell they cast upon you and awaken from the dream, the nightmare.

We must be skeptics. Question their narratives, question the science, question authority, question yourself, question me, question what I'm telling you, question what they're telling you, question everything.

When we think for ourselves, we reclaim the ownership of our minds. When you possess what is rightfully yours, no one can use it as a weapon against you.

Be free, my friends.

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