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Energy Department Says COVID-19 Likely Emerged from Lab Leak

Energy Department Says COVID-19 Likely Emerged from Lab Leak

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The U.S. Energy Department has now concluded that the Covid-19 pandemic most likely originated from an “unintentional laboratory leak” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Hubei China, according to information provided by the White House following a classified intelligence report.  

The prevailing government and public theory in the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic were that an animal virus had jumped into a human host during a wet market trade in China.  

Several undisclosed scientists had allegedly come out at the beginning of the pandemic supporting the theory that the virus had emerged from natural origins, but the evidence was destroyed by the Chinese Government. The wet markets were sterilized before any further examination could be conducted.  


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Facebook and other social media giants were forbidding any posts that asserted that the virus was manufactured by humans. Accounts were disabled and banned on the platforms for spreading theories that suggested the origin of the virus was fabricated. Facebook lifted its ban in May of 2021. 

Reports now indicate that there is evidence to support the theory that the virus was accidentally leaked by researchers at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan.  

The "conspiracy theorists" knew that the bat origin theory was nonsensical early in 2020 despite the aggressive suppression of more damning theories. The energy department is making the claim that it is likely the result of a “leaked virus,” while not yet having definite proof to confirm all of the facts.  

Some more elaborate yet unsupported theories claim that the virus did not originate in bats nor accidentally leaked from a Chinese research lab, but that the entire pandemic was intentionally created by those in power for political and monetary gain. Time will tell as more evidence becomes available. 


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