Biden Says Ukraine Will Never Be a Victory for Russia

Biden Says Ukraine Will Never Be a Victory for Russia

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On Tuesday, President Biden challenged Vladimir Putin to stop the war in Ukraine, insisting that failure to do so will result in more sanctions against the Kremlin and greater support for Ukraine from democratic countries around the world.

During his surprise visit to Kyiv, President Biden promised another $500 million in military support for Ukraine. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned of another world war if China allies with Russia, and many have replicated that warning.

Tulsi Gabbard tweeted Tuesday (2/21/2023) that "the warmongers are trying to drag us into WW3, which can only end in one way: nuclear annihilation."

Some say World War 3 is already upon us. If that's true, then Tulsi Gabbard is likely correct in her assertion that nuclear annihilation will spell our demise. Since 2021, China has ramped up their nuclear development. Estimates say that their stockpile could exceed 700 deliverable nuclear warheads (along with an arsenal of chemical weapons.)

Russia, as of 2022, possesses 5,977 nuclear warheads--the most of any nation in the world. And the United States has over 3,708. 

A war between Russia, China, and The United States--along with her allies--would be a disastrously horrible outcome. However, President Biden remains hopeful.

On Tuesday (2/21/2023) he tweeted that Ukraine will "never be a victory for Russia."


If World War 3 commences, there will be no victory for anyone. We will all lose. It is time for Americans and liberty-loving people everywhere to stand up and declare that we will not allow these despots and political madmen to destroy our world.


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