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People Who Love To Follow Orders Piss Me Off

People Who Love To Follow Orders Piss Me Off

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When somebody tells me what to do, I immediately feel like not doing it, even if I am already in the process of doing it.

That's just how I've always been.

But there are people out there who can't wait to take orders. They'll beg for it. Obedience fills them with a sense of pride, excitement and accomplishment.

I can't wrap my head around that.

Back in school, I remember those kids who sat up straight and enthusiastically raised their hands whenever the teacher asked a question. If she needed a volunteer to clap erasers, they'd cry, "oh please, Mrs. Robinson, pick me! Pick me!"

(Of course, the teacher always picked troublemakers like me who were trying not to be noticed.)

We called them teacher's pets. They seemed like harmless dweebs at the time, but we never anticipated that they'd grow up and become a threat to the foundations of liberty.

The smug, well-postured do-gooders who begged to be ruled with an iron fist grew up and became the very people who make tyranny possible today.

They can't wait to exhibit their toxic obedience valiantly. With a sense of righteousness, they obey every command without question. They stand tall with honor, never exploring the depths of what they agreed to.

They make rebellion hard for us poor-postured sons of bitches.

The state relies on teachers' pets to maximize their power. Without their tedious compliance, the government's authority would vanish.

But the state won't lose its allegiance. The teacher's pet will never understand the need for the revolutionary rights philosophers like John Locke described. They need to be subservient. They desire nothing more than to please their masters.

It's sickening.

Now we all know why we instinctively disliked the hall monitors, tattletales, and teachers' pets back in the day--because they're the weasels who will erode and deteriorate the pillars of freedom.

Most of us liked Bart Simpson better than his dorky little sister, Lisa.


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