Toxic Obedience Will Destroy The Foundation of Liberty

Toxic Obedience Will Destroy The Foundation of Liberty

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Some level of obedience is crucial for balance, discipline and growth, but blind subservience can destroy the foundation of liberty.

In martial arts, the student consents to an appropriate level of obedience to the master. Master, in martial arts, refers to the teacher or instructor who has earned authority through high rank, demonstrating their capability to lead--unlike the paradigm of slave/master.

To excel in martial arts, the student must submit to the master's teachings. There is honor and mutual respect through this dynamic, but obedience is imperative. Without compliance, the student will not gain the knowledge and skill necessary for physical and mental growth. There is an equal level of reward earned from submission. The martial arts example describes healthy obedience.

Another form of positive obedience is self-discipline. Implementing ethics, morality and virtue into a set of expectations you design for yourself is healthy. Adherence to your own ideologically sound rules will lead to growth, happiness, balance, calm, mental clarity, knowledge and wisdom.

Some forms of obedience have potential positive value but can become toxic if executed destructively. Parenting, for example, is similar to martial arts, requiring careful execution.

Obedience to parents who implement wisdom and sound teaching is critical for child development. However, when the parent dishonors their sacred position of teacher and mentor by deviating from their role, the obedience can become toxic. Examples of toxic obedience here are; submitting to gross neglect, violence, physical or mental abuse, sexual assault, rape, etc.

But there are other forms of toxic obedience.

Libertarians are notoriously critical of the state for a good reason. While many people are on high alert to spot toxicity in marriages, relationships, or from teachers or parents, few understand that blind obedience to the government can be disastrous.

Libertarians acknowledge that adhering to principles relating to natural law produces functionality in society. Libertarians abstain from unprovoked violence, theft, sexual assault, trespassing on private property, and infringing upon the natural rights of others. Even in the absence of the state, the principled libertarian will follow a set of core values.

Basic laws that protect the individual rights of citizens are not frequently contested. Obedience to these fundamental laws is healthy and creates an environment where individuals and businesses can flourish. However, law adherence can become toxic when the state abuses its power.

Once the state has implemented toxic laws and gained the people's compliance, there is an imminent threat to liberty and the lives of free people.

As we've observed throughout history, obedience to authoritarianism and totalitarianism can undoubtedly lead to death and mass murder. A free society must acknowledge toxic obedience at the precise moment it occurs. Otherwise, it becomes more and more challenging to dismantle.

If a child has abusive parents or a woman has an abusive husband, compliance with abuse creates an atmosphere of normalcy over time. The abuse starts verbally and with mild physical force, then gradually becomes violence and torture.

Human adaptation skills are impeccable and can alter a person's perception so that the abuse feels normal or tolerable. You may be in a toxic relationship and not even realize it.

It is no different with the government. Over time, the state nibbles away at the people's liberties, and the people routinely adjust to it. In countries with authoritarian governments, this is apparent. The lack of human rights in China and Saudi Arabia is appalling to Americans because they have not yet been conditioned to withstand that level of abuse. But that doesn't mean they are incapable of it.

If toxic obedience is not acknowledged and snuffed out, Americans will continue to descend toward a society rife with authoritarian rule. Allowing just a little toxic obedience is far too much.

Every transgression upon the people's liberty must be acknowledged and fought against. Otherwise, we are doomed to see the pillars of freedom topple. We must eternally resist tyranny for the sake of our liberty.


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