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What's Stopping You From Buying a Gun?

What's Stopping You From Buying a Gun?

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You have a constitutionally protected second amendment right to keep and bear arms, so why not exercise it?

Owning a gun and becoming educated on proper use and storage can be an excellent family asset. You can sleep more soundly knowing your spouse and children are protected by more than just a home alarm system.

Many Americans contemplate buying a gun, but they're often held back for various reasons. This article will explore some of those reasons and why you shouldn't let it be an excuse to remain unarmed.


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Is Political Opposition Keeping You From Buying a Gun?

Some think guns are only for republicans, libertarians, conservatives, radicals and the "lunatic fringe of society."

They don't want to be associated with them.

Tying the image of gun ownership to extremist groups, survivalists (prepper culture), or party affiliation is an incomplete evaluation. Many different types of people own firearms: liberals, progressives, independents, business owners, CEOs, teachers, professors, artists, actors, and the little old lady across the street who brings you gingerbread cookies every Christmas.

While it's true that republicans and libertarians fight for gun rights in America, that doesn't mean every democrat is walking around naked. 31% of democrats and 42% of independents live in a gun household, according to Statista.

Party affiliation and politics are not reasons to ignore your rights. Even if your politics are to the left of Karl Marx, you have a right to own a firearm and should exercise it.


Is Moral Opposition Keeping You From Buying a Gun?

Gun rights activists say, "guns don't kill people; people kill people."

Anti-gun activists say, "yes, guns actually do kill people."

They're both right.

If you point a loaded gun at a person and pull the trigger, you will kill them or cause grievous bodily harm. That's not something to take lightly. Guns are powerful devices, and they should be acknowledged as such. It's like the old saying, "some men respect the law. All men respect the gun."

Guns are respected because of the damage they can cause.

We understand and respect the perspective of those with opposition to guns. They have valid points. However, gun rights activists have fair points, too.

Intent matters.

I heard a pastor once tell a parable about a man who found a $100 bill in the parking lot. The bill was dropped by a drug dealer running from the cops and blew up against his car tire. Walking out of the CVS, he was happy to discover it lying there.

Before he picked up the $100 bill, it was drug money. An aura of seediness surrounded it. But then the man took the money to buy food for a homeless shelter. When he did that, the money no longer felt dirty. It changed. It was now "righteous money."

Money itself is not intrinsically good or evil; it assumes whatever form its users give to it. The same is true for guns.

Guns are a symbol of war, violence and crime because that's how they are often used. But if you're using the gun to protect your spouse and little daughter, how could it be anything but good?

Your moral opposition is to violence and crime, not guns.


Is Money Keeping You From Buying a Gun?

The economy is in shambles. Inflation is out of control, and people are desperate.

The reality that people are becoming more economically impoverished is all the more reason to buy a gun.

When people are deprived of food or necessities, they are driven by a rational instinct to overpower a victim and take whatever they need. "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

Libertarian philosophy acknowledges individual rights, and we do not condone theft or trespassing, but we understand that it exists, so we must protect against it.

A gun in your home is a great way to defend your family.

You can buy inexpensive shotguns for under $200 (as of the time of writing.) Shotguns are great for home defense.

If you're tight on cash, identify luxuries you can live without and prioritize your and your family's safety. Buy a gun.


Is Fear Keeping You From Buying a Gun?

Are you afraid you'll accidentally shoot yourself if you buy a guy? Are you afraid one of your kids will find it, think it's a fun toy to play with, and wind up killing the neighbor's kid?

Good. You should have that fear. People who lack that concern are more likely to be the ones who wind up shooting themselves or having their kid shoot one of the neighbors.

The good news is that those things are very unlikely to happen with proper education. Before owning and operating firearms, you AND your family (your children, too) should get proper training and obtain all essential gun knowledge.

Knowledge and understanding are the cure for fear in many cases. It is certainly the case for guns.


Is a Family Member Keeping You From Buying a Gun?

I've seen it before; a husband wants to buy a gun, but his wife doesn't want one in the house. Or perhaps it's the other way around. Either way, education and cooperation can go a long way.

Talk to your spouse and have a calm, earnest and open conversation about the importance of having home protection. Explain that their lives may depend on it. Promise (and live up to the promise) that you will learn gun ownership rules and etiquette. Having a firearm is a good, responsible and ethical thing to do.

Home security systems don't work if the criminal is deranged and has no fear of it. The average police response time is five to six minutes. I've witnessed it take much longer. Determined criminals can do a lot of damage in that amount of time. As a last resort, a gun can save your life.

If you're apprehensive about buying a gun, that's okay. It's pretty standard for first-time buyers to have some legitimate concerns. Talk to your local gun range or gun dealership and have them work with you to build trust and confidence in your decision.

You're doing the right thing.


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