Why Are Liberals Against Gun Rights?

Why Are Liberals Against Gun Rights?

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Thankfully, not every liberal in America is against the Second Amendment--the right to bear arms. However, most people who express anti-gun sentiments are liberals and progressives.

It doesn't make any sense for a liberal to be against gun rights. Liberalism, in its true form, advocates for private ownership of guns and munitions.

Liberalism rejects centralized gun ownership. The military and police should not be the only ones who are allowed to own guns. Liberals throughout history fought against autocracies and dictatorships that took away people's right to own guns.

What happened to liberalism?

Modern progressives and liberals should follow suit and fully embrace the Second Amendment. If they don't, they are adhering to dangerous anti-liberal beliefs that can disproportionately harm minorities and erode the foundations of liberty.


How Gun Bans Hurt Black People

When rich White liberals shout about banning guns from their mansions in suburbia, they're showcasing their privilege, ignorance and oblivious racism.

It's much easier to be against guns when you feel like you're safe and don't need them. For many Black Americans who live in densely populated urban areas, the luxury of feeling safe is unknown.

Institutionalized and systemic racism in the United States led to generational economic disparity among Black Americans. As a result, many are still forced by circumstance to live in high-crime, low-income urban areas where police protection is virtually absent.

To actively fight to disarm Black urban dwellers is one of the most egregiously racist initiatives I've ever heard of. Adding insult to injury is the understatement of the century.

The smug, oblivious liberal doesn't realize that fighting for blanket gun bans would disarm the Black community, too--not just the White redneck conservatives they hate so much.

The astute White liberal claims they sympathize with Black people who have been oppressed and systematically forced to live in poverty-stricken ghettos, but then they want to take away their most practical means of defending themselves?

Why do liberals insist on punishing innocent people by stripping away their right to protect themselves with guns? I just can't wrap my head around it. 

Beyond the inner-city, Black communities are harmed by gun bans and anti-gun laws too.

In areas where racist gangs are notoriously present, Black people must have their 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves and protect against violence and terrorism.

But what does the White liberal do? They fight to disarm everyone. And who does that hurt the most? Does it hurt the racist white supremacist gangs who outnumber their victims 15 to 1 in rural areas?

Or does it hurt the Black family who must now rely on police protection, or a golf club or baseball bat to fight off a gang of criminals who have broken down their door to kill them?

If liberals truly cared about Black people, they would be fighting FOR their constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights. But they don't care, and that's why they're fighting against them.

How can someone say "Black Lives Matter" out of one side of their mouth and then call to disarm the very same people from the other? We call bullshit.

Do you know what we say? We say Black Lives Matter, and that's why they should have the right to own guns!

How Gun Bans Hurt The LGBTQ

According to UCLA, "LGBT people are nearly four times more likely than non-LGBT people to experience violent victimization, including rape, sexual assault, and aggravated or simple assault, according to a new study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law. "

LGBTQ people are four times more likely to be victims of violence, yet the smug anti-gun liberal wants to disarm them? That doesn't make any sense. I thought liberals were supposed to be fighting for their rights.

They don't, but thankfully libertarians do.

Libertarians encourage (and have encouraged for many years) marginalized people to exercise their rights by purchasing a gun and keeping one on them as often as possible.

Good people do whatever they can to rid this world of racism, hatred, violence and bigotry, but we'll never eradicate it completely. As a last resort, having a gun to protect yourself could be the difference between life and death. Get a gun!

Liberals tout that they are fighting for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people, but they're actively fighting to take away their right to own a gun. How can you say you're pro-LGBTQ and then tell them they can't have a gun to protect themselves?

It's ludicrous.

Liberals constantly virtue signal about how they're fighting for the rights of women and minorities, but in the background they're calling for gun bans. You're not fighting for people's rights; you're fighting for their oppression. 

We're glad not all liberals subscribe to anti-gun rhetoric. Some liberals defend the Second Amendment, but they are not the vocal majority. The only liberals we're hearing from on the subject are the ones who wish to disarm the people.

It boggles the intelligent mind.

Why are so many liberals against guns? Because they don't like conservatives? Because some Hollywood star convinced them guns were evil? Because they're following some academic liberal orthodoxy they never had the balls to question? Because it's 'the liberal' thing to do?

What ever happened to thinking for yourself?

If you're an anti-gun liberal reading this, please consider the following. Gun rights are imperative. Without the right to own guns, we are powerless against tyranny, violence, terror and oppression. Vulnerable people like women and minorities will suffer the most if they pass all the gun bans you've been fighting for.

Is that really what you want? A defenseless nation of victims? A nation of people who don't have the right to defend themselves and protect their loved ones? Think very hard about what you're fighting for when you put your name on the "Anti-Gun" list.

Liberals should be PRO-GUN, not anti-gun.


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