Anti-Gun Yard Signs Are an Invitation To Criminals

Anti-Gun Yard Signs Are an Invitation To Criminals

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We'll preface this article by saying that no matter what signs a person has in their front yard, violent crime and theft are never justified. Whether you agree with a sign or not, it does not give you the right to trespass onto someone else's property.

With that being said, let's talk about these anti-gun yard signs.

I was walking through my neighborhood and I noticed a flamboyantly anti-gun sign proudly displayed in somebody's yard. The sign expressly forbade guns in their home and exhibited their vehement anti-gun views.

This is America; you can express any idiotic idea or belief however you wish. You have a natural right to free speech, protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. You should exercise your rights whenever you can.

But in this world, it pays to be smart.

With crime on the rise, it's foolish to needlessly advertise to the world that your household is unarmed. The less information you can give to strangers about your home, the better.

Could you imagine if someone put a sign in their yard that said "The 80-year-old woman who lives here by herself doesn't believe in your newfangled high-tech alarm systems! She doesn't believe in your crooked banks either. That's why she's been saving money in shoe boxes under her bed for 66 years!"

Have any belief you wish, but there's no need to let people know you're unarmed. Criminals scouting quiet suburban neighborhoods love to see anti-gun signs like that. The sign lets them know that even if they get caught, their life is not at serious risk and that robbing your house makes sense.

Indeed, the homeowner might be a world-class martial artist with proficient close-combat weapons skills, but nunchucks will not defend against speeding bullets if their attacker is armed with a semi-automatic handgun.

You're high-stakes gambling, and you're showing your cards.

But you want to be heard, right? People have strong views and want to express them. I understand that completely, and I fully support someone's right to put anti-gun signs in their yard. But I urge people to consider choosing a different way to express their political beliefs. Like T-Shirts!

Do you really need to express your anti-gun views through yard signs? Did you ever stop to think that you may be sending a message to the wrong people? Sure, you may get a cheerful nod from a fellow progressive liberal walking their dog in your neighborhood, but you know who else can see those signs?

That's right, criminals can see them too.

Libertarians like me absolutely detest thieves and criminals. I hate that people are giving thieves an advantage with their political signs. And what's the point? Their anti-gun signs are not for any practical purpose; they're only there to raise a flag against the Second Amendment and all gun owners.

Wow, your sign hurt my feelings, but is it really worth letting everyone know you're unarmed?

Voice your opposition against gun owners all you wish. But please understand that you're making your house a target with those anti-gun signs, attracting burglars and criminals like moths to an open flame.

We may disagree with your political beliefs, but we don't want to see you victimized. Express your views and exercise your rights however you wish, but please be careful about what kind of information you're giving to criminals.

We care about anti-gun people, even though we think you're morons for being against your own rights.

Stay well, friends.


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