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What The Hell Does Health & Fitness Have To Do With Libertarianism?

What The Hell Does Health & Fitness Have To Do With Libertarianism?

Libertarian Country |

If you said "absolutely nothing," then you're almost correct.

Health & fitness are not synonymous with the political philosophy of libertarianism; that is true. Libertarianism embraces the type of individualism that essentially says you can do whatever the fuck you want to yourself.

On the surface, libertarianism is the choice philosophy for renegades, party animals, hedonists and people who generally do not give one complete shit about their physical well-being. Anything goes with libertarianism!

Explore the philosophy of libertarianism deeper, however, and that bullet train grinds to a staggering halt. Yes, libertarianism fully endorses self-ownership but also advocates for autonomy, self-regulation and principled living.

Ah, that dreaded nuance, always showing up to ruin the party.

Self-ownership is an immutable tenet of libertarianism, so you can consume whatever you wish; alcohol, tobacco, drugs, junk food, pornography etc. However, if what you consume causes you to lose the ability to control yourself, then you contradict the self-governance tenet of libertarianism.

Self-ownership and self-discipline walk hand-in-hand. A person ceases to enjoy the quality of liberty if they are addicted to drugs and unable to function in daily life, for example.

Libertarianism is on a quest to eliminate the external oppression you will face: vaccine mandates, forced business closures, government restrictions and regulations, tyranny, and every law that criminalizes recreational drug use. (The government possesses zero authority to punish you for consuming intoxicating substances, but that does not mean you should consume them.)

Adhering to the principles of libertarianism also requires you to eliminate the internal oppression you're inflicting upon yourself. That is if you wish to be truly liberated.

Discipline = freedom.

Libertarianism, examined thoroughly, recognizes health & fitness as a vital element of the philosophy. Sure, there are circumstances beyond our control--illness, injury etc.--still, we must take whatever steps we can to live fit and healthy lives.

The Libertarian Country Media Group is launching a full-scale Health & Fitness blog. We will share invaluable and thoroughly researched tips and advice on keeping good health and getting or staying in great shape.

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