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How to Manage Your Keto Diet Socially

How to Manage Your Keto Diet Socially

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Diets would be much easier to stick to if we lived alone inside a hut on top of the Himalayan Mountains.

Unfortunately, most of us live in the real world.

We want to keep up with our social lives and spend time with our families. Dieting can be a significant challenge when surrounded by influence and temptation.

Restrictive diets like Keto are even more of a challenge because you're not limited by portion size alone; you're avoiding sugar and carbohydrates altogether. (Well, almost entirely.)

Most people are pretty cool. They'll see the authenticity and determination you show and be supportive. If they know you're coming over for dinner, they'll prepare you some delicious keto-friendly grub.

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Support from friends and family can make dieting less agonizing. 

Some people, however, are total dickheads. Not only will they show no support, but they'll try to influence and derail you, thinking that it's funny to offer you food they know you're avoiding.

That's why it's essential to surround yourself with supportive people.



Surround Yourself with Supportive People

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Your buddies are going to rag on you. That's what buddies do. But if you explain to your friends that you're serious about your health and fitness goals, they should respect you.

That isn't your friend if they try to be bad influences and show you zero support. Tell them to fuck off. Your life and health are more important than satisfying their enjoyment at your expense.

You stood up for yourself when it came time to get your health in order. You kicked junk food out of your life. Why stop there? Stand up against people who disrespect you. You don't need that shit.

Surround yourself with incredible people who care about you and want you to succeed. People who want others to succeed are winners. People who want others to fail are losers. Know the difference.


Check Restaurant Menus Before Agreeing To Social Outings

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There will come a time when the circumstances don't allow your friends (even your ultra-supportive friends) to accommodate your Keto diet.

That's okay. Your friends are supportive, but you can't expect to be pampered.

Often, social events can be organized by mutual friends who don't know you or your diet. Ask where you're going if you're invited to dinner with a group.

Look up the restaurant to see if they offer low-carb options that look appealing to you. Most decent restaurants have delicious, keto-friendly options. If not, we understand that eating only a salad with no dressing and a plate of steamed veggies can be awkward while everyone else is pigging out on cheesesteaks and fries. (Bastards.)

If the restaurant doesn't offer something you like, you can follow our next suggestion.


It's Okay to Decline

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A good social life is healthy, and we want you to have fulfilling relationships. Please leave the house, make new friends, and enjoy your life.

At times, however, circumstances make the challenge not worth the risk of derailing your diet.

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Maybe you've had a rough work week, or your relationship is going through the wash. Perhaps you're tired and feeling weak. Maybe the seduction of bread and fried foods will spell your doom tonight.

It's not worth it. Take a raincheck this time. Stick to your guns and stay on your Keto diet. Keep pushing forward; you're almost there. There will be plenty of social outings in the future.

Next time.

Eat Before You Go Out

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Sometimes the place you're going to doesn't offer food at all. Or, like the movie theater or bowling alley, only offer snacks like nachos, pizza and artificially flavored popcorn.

Summon your best Jedi-Knight discipline, or eat high-fat, high-protein foods before you go so you're not hungry and tempted, then have yourself a blast.

Social outings that aren't centered around food can be easier to deal with than dinner parties. Sometimes it's just easier to avoid eating for a few hours.


Withstanding Unavoidable Temptation

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Even with all your best tricks and careful avoidance, you'll inevitably be exposed to temptation in your social life. (and your life in general).

When you're expected at the office party, wedding, graduation party, birthday party or holiday gathering, it's appropriate to attend. Our presence is demanded at times, and we all must submit.

One thing that we do not need to compromise on, however, is our Keto diet. People can make you feel awkward or embarrassed when they start interrogating you about your diet. Learn to feel confident in what you're doing. You're doing the right thing by taking care of yourself. No other person matters as much as you do.


Take Responsibility

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Sometimes, the person you need to stand up to the most is yourself. Don't use obligatory social outings or family gatherings as an excuse to cheat on your diet. The more you pardon yourself for a special occasion, the more "special occasions" you'll seek out. No excuses. Stick to your diet; you're doing great!

Train yourself through discipline and consistency. The more you resist temptation, the easier it is to fight. You will become more potent against it. Avoidance is a good battle tactic, but you also must embrace the challenge when you feel strong enough to do so.

With these tips, you'll be able to have a fruitful social life and maintain your Keto diet like a champ!


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