7 Self-Discipline Tips for Libertarian Men

by Libertarian Country December 15, 2022

7 Self-Discipline Tips for Libertarian Men

Libertarianism is a political philosophy that professes the idea that personal lifestyle choices should not be restricted or criminalized by the government. Natural law and inalienable rights grant the freedom for a person to choose whatever life they want to live.

Alongside the idea of liberty and personal choice, however, the ethos of libertarianism strongly encourages self-government and self-discipline. Afterall, these laws that govern morality (such as laws against public drunkenness, prostitution, drug abuse etc.) were begged for by many people in society, such as the temperance movement

If we lack self-discipline and fail to be men of quality and good character, we're essentially giving people a reason to plea for state control. Granted--no matter how an individual lives their life--the government never possesses the authority to strip away personal liberty, but we should feel compelled by our convictions to embrace responsibility, ethics, morality and discipline.

We say we can run our lives better than the government can, let's prove it.

You're free to live however you wish, and you're free to sculpt your ethical and moral framework however you see fit, but here we will make 7 recommendations on where to start if you're looking for time-tested guidance that many men are already applying to their lives. Applying these tips, men are earning enjoyable, notable and rewarding outcomes. 

And, of course, you don't need to be a libertarian to apply these to your life. These are great tips for any man who embraces self-discipline. So let's dive in. 

1. Stop Getting Drunk

Free Grayscale Photo of a Drunk Old Man Sleeping While Sitting on Doorway Stock Photo

It is a vile, disgusting and detestable thing to have a crying, laughing, stammering, stuttering drunk slobbering all over you with his buffoonish, incoherent words that spew forth from his mouth like a symphony of chaos and embarrassment. Truly, it's repulsive, and I assure you that almost everyone thinks you're a damn fool if this is how you're always behaving. Knock it off.

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A man of great discipline is always in control of himself, mentally and physically. He tempers his rage. He dominates his jealousy. He manages his fear, sadness and anxiety and channels them, to the best of his ability, into something affirmative. If he lacks this ability because of a disease or disorder, he takes no shame in pursuing proper remedy. Whatever it takes, a disciplined man learns and gains control over himself.

A disciplined man will not allow his drink to dominate him. There is nothing wrong with a gentleman having a good drink of whiskey or the spirit of his choice, but he remains in control of it at all times. His drink is submissive and obeys his orders, not the other way around.

Free Man Drinking Whiskey Stock Photo

A sophisticated, disciplined man always sips his drink slowly

If you're a young man still in your college party years, we'll cut you a little slack here. But remember--and heed these words very well--do not be the oldest guy at the frat party. A man lives his life in seasons, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with following the natural flow of growing older. Embrace it. Drunken craziness is beyond the interest and practice of a mature, disciplined man.

2. Stop Watching Pornography

(Photo credit: alphaspirit)

(photo credit: alphaspirit)

Few things in this world are more abject, pitiful and pathetic than a man slinking off to his room, quietly locking the door behind him and getting cozy in his bed, nuzzling up with excitement in preparation to watch another man having sexual intercourse with a woman. Alone and rejected, he sits and watches with intense focus as another man satisfies a woman, until he can bear it no more-- he then proceeds to dispense his remaining masculinity and the last shred of his dignity into a dirty sock.

Don't disrespect yourself like that.

And before you think that we're on a holy crusade sent as missionaries by the church, know this--this discipline applies to all men, whether they are Christians, Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, Buddhists or whatever. This is straight-up, man-to-man talk here, gentlemen. (Libertarian Country is a private entity and is not affiliated with any organizations.)

Pornography is an addiction for weak men. Sure, we want to see beautiful naked women and there's nothing wrong with that. We're men, that's natural. But exposing yourself to this kind of relentless and perpetual over-stimulation will destroy your mind. It will make you weaker and more juvenile, and our goal as men is to become stronger. The mind and body needs stimulation, but it also thrives with temperance. As men, we must learn how to moderate and balance our desires with our strength and will of mind.

Try this: stop watching the porn and don't touch yourself for a week. I guarantee that within this timeframe you will start to feel your strength and masculinity improving. Your mind and body will be rewarded with an indescribable, calm euphoria that only discipline can bring.

3. Exercise and Lift Weights

7 self-discipline tips for Libertarians

There's a lot of people in the world today that espouse the idea that masculinity is dead and is no longer required in a civilized society. 

They're absolutely wrong. Masculinity is not our enemy.

Get your ass to the gym and start lifting weights. Do a little high intensity cardio too. Educate yourself and learn proper technique, or get a personal trainer. If you're already going to the gym, good, keep going. Power, strength and masculinity are virtuous things that every man should embrace. Disciplined men believe in both mental and physical strength, along with control and ethical behavior.

With that being said, I also recommend, as an addition to this, some formal martial arts training. Martial arts hones in on the skill of combat and strength training in balance with control--both are extremely important. A great man should be fair, peaceful, tender and lion-hearted, but also dangerous and capable of ferociousness.  

As an old Chinese proverb says, "it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war."

As of time of writing, the author holds a 1st degree black belt in WTF Taekwondo, officially recognized by Kukkiwon.

4. Easy on the Junk Food

Free Fries and Burger on Plate Stock Photo

Sure, we all love the occasional cheeseburger and French fries, but a disciplined man must have control over his diet. Pay very close attention to what you consume and understand fully what it is that you are eating. Recognize that junk foods (highly processed foods with high levels of carbohydrates, sugars, salts and fats) produce high levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain-- the same thing happens when you ingest cocaine.

Keep it under control. Incorporate whole foods like vegatables, some fruit and unprocessed meats, and limit the junk. As a general tip, I always recommend a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet.

Real food looks like this: 



5. Get Out of That Damn Bed

Free White Bed Linen Stock Photo

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, it wasn't uncommon for us to hear our elders demand with near ferocity that we get up out of bed--even if it was a Saturday!

We didn't understand why our elders were so cruel back when we were kids, but we certainly can understand it now.

Rest and proper sleep are a part of being disciplined, but enjoying too much comfort can be detrimental. If you find yourself frequently sleeping in or laying about doing nothing, it's time for a wakeup call. 

The most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in this world are people who stick to a very disciplined sleep schedule. Often, they will get up early and go to bed at a reasonable time, following a self-developed routine that they stick to religiously. Every day, like clockwork, they're up and out of the damn bed at the same time. 

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I know, I know, this sounds "lame", but the path to success isn't always as glamorous as Hollywood likes to sell us. Sure, there are some Jordan Belfort circa 1980's out there, but most successful people drink in moderation, limit or completely avoid recreational drug use, eat extremely healthy, exercise daily, and stick to very strict schedules that they design for themselves. They are the architects of their own lives.

Have fun, enjoy a life full of richness and experience, but maintain that discipline-- stay busy and keep growing as an individual. Also, if you're a man living alone and not yet married, every morning make your bed. Trust me, if you make your bed every morning, you will start your day off right.

6. Read Non-Fiction Books

Free Silhouette of Man Stock Photo

There is nothing wrong with television or movies (in fact, I'm a big movie fan myself) but reading non-fiction is very important.

Reading fictional stories is fine and can even have some benefit too, but a disciplined man will prioritize non-fiction over fiction. He never stops learning. He will, until he is no longer able, read non-fiction books to expand his knowledge to the end of his days. 

Like pumping iron at the gym, so too must the mind be exercised if you wish to become a man of greatness. Knowledge, education, intellect and wisdom are like watering a garden; you are continuously cultivating to yield better and better fruits. 

Your education didn't stop when that diploma or degree hit your sweaty palms. To be a formidable man of greatness, you must ferociously seek knowledge--for the great men of history were correct when they said, "Knowledge is Power".

7. Take The Stairs

Free Stairs Grayscale Photography Stock Photo

You're walking down a hallway and you approach a sign that says 'elevators.' To your right another sign on a little door says 'stairway'. You have to go up 4 stories to your office--which one do you usually take?

If you're taking the elevator, stop. Take the stairs.


Because men need to train their minds to do difficult things just for the sake of doing difficult things. Constantly subjecting yourself to discomfort or challenges will steadily build strength, masculinity and character.

The stairs are a metaphor. It can be applied to anything that is difficult for you, or something you do not excel at. It's important that you continuously subject yourself to uncomfortable situations if you wish to be a man of greatness. This is how we grow. This is how we evolve. Suffering is divine.

If you're afraid of public speaking, find a way to get yourself in front of a crowd. If you're afraid of going to the doctors, schedule a checkup right now. If you're afraid to fly, book a flight. If you're afraid of heights, go to the roof of your office building and peer over the edge and stay there with your eyes wide open until you're feeling so sick you're about to puke--do it once every week. If you've never fired a gun, go shoot one. If you're afraid of failure, go out and lose at something. If you're afraid of being emotionally open with your significant other, be brave, sit her down and tell her with sincerity that you don't know how, but you're sick and tired of being a fucking coward and you will--because you love her with all of your heart--do whatever it takes to be a better man.

Don't take the elevator. Take the stairs.

Final Thoughts

All great men make mistakes. Most of us have been drunk too many times, watched too much porn, ate shitty food and skipped the gym. We got into ruts. We've been lazy. We've been at a place where mind-numbing television was far more important than reading a book full of wisdom. Many times, we took the elevator. We gave up. We stopped trying. Many times we thought our chance at reclaiming our valor and dignity had long escaped us.  

It hasn't. Mistakes, poor choices and a barrage of failures in a man's history is not what keeps him from being a great man. What keeps him from being a great man is his knowing that corrections need to be made but refusing to do the work.

Do the work, men. Put in the hours. Put in the time and care that it takes to become men of discipline. The journey is epic and the joy you will receive is priceless. But remember this; the true reward is not to be able to call yourself a man of greatness, but rather to be called a man of greatness by others. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this and that you will continue your journey of self-improvement. We're all on this journey together, my friends. Best wishes to you.

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