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Best Way to Meet Other Libertarians in the Real World

Best Way to Meet Other Libertarians in the Real World

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Most of us by now probably have an arsenal of online libertarian and anarchist pages that we follow on social media. I certainly do. I've met some great people through these resources, some of them to drink craft beer and grill burgers with.

Yet, in the real world, when I'm out at the pubs and such, I never really bump into other libertarians outside of my own crew. We're rare and eclectic, I know. But surely, since there are a growing number of Americans who identify as libertarians (or at least sympathize with libertarian ideas), you would think that you'd run in to some eventually, right? 

Like many of us, I usually have to explain to a Republican that I'm not a Democrat, or to a Democrat that I'm not a Republican. And they're often confused when I divulge to them that I am a Libertarian.

But, of course, there are other libertarians out there... 

Years ago I had gone back to the gym after recovering from an injury. I decided to wear one of my favorite shirts. It says;

"The NSA, listening to all of your crazy conspiracy theories when nobody else will."

To my surprise, someone at the gym commented on it and we started talking politics. Guy turned out to be a crypto investor and asked me if I ever heard of the Mises Caucus.

Small world. 

If I never wore that shirt, I wouldn't have ever had the conversation. So anytime I was doing something that didn't require a more serious attire, I would rock one of our libertarian shirts

I hear from our customers all the time that the majority of the responses they get from wearing our shirts is overwhelmingly positive. 

Now, there is some inherent risk in wearing political t-shirts. I did have a woman in Gettysburg, PA accost me for wearing a shirt critical of the lockdowns during the pandemic. It can happen. It was minor scrape, though, and I laughed and moved on without really paying it any mind. (In reality, I beat the crap out of her and left her dying in the street. Kidding, kidding.)

Low risk, high pay off in the end. 

Another time I was in Sprouts Market getting some kale, wearing our oldie but goodie, "Question Everything" shirt. A 20-something approached me and was elated to see me wearing it. She couldn't wait to complain about the media and government.   

Now, I've never put it to the test because I'm happily spoken for, but I surmise that one could attract a lover simply by wearing a funny political shirt. An untested hypothesis that sounds too simple, perhaps, but it may actually work. It's difficult for a man to stand out in the competitive dating world, especially with a growing number of women who say that they're repulsed by how much they get hit on by random dudes. 

So, what's the best way to break the ice?

Well, deep philosophical implications contained within the artistic design of the apparel you're wearing, of course. 

Some psychologists refer to it in the dating scene as peacocking. Makes sense. Stand out, and let them come to you if they're interested. This is the voluntary, peaceful, non-invasive way to meet up. Never underestimate the power of a good sense of humor. If you're struggling to meet someone cool who has similar values, it may be worth trying. Throw up a flag, they say.

Ultimately, you may not find your soulmate, but if you did, that'd be awesome. At any rate, it's always exciting to meet someone in real life who also knows that taxation is theft, regardless of who they are. Perhaps some you'd look at and never expect.  

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