What Makes Bill Gates Think He's An Expert on Pandemics?

What Makes Bill Gates Think He's An Expert on Pandemics?

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I was finishing up some last-minute Christmas shopping at the mall this weekend, and I stopped in the local bookstore to get a cookbook for a friend of mine. Browsing around the store a bit, I saw a big PoP display with all of the latest, best-selling books. I couldn't believe what I saw in the 'Medical Literature' section.

Bill Gates' book "How to Stop the Next Pandemic".

Really? The 'Medical Literature' section? How audacious. Since when did Bill Gates become a medical expert? The software tycoon turned philanthropist is also evidently an expert on Climate Science too, having published a book on how to stop global warming as well. 

Man, this guy just knows it all. *heavy sarcastic sigh*

Now, I am aware that Gates has a lot of people working for him, and some of those people may very well be climate scientists or virologists, but he is not. He is not a medical professional or a scientific researcher of any sort, nor is he qualified in any salient way to give official advice on public health (or global warming). 

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I'm sure he does read a lot about the subjects he speaks on behalf of, but that is simply not the rigid qualifications that the mainstream media, academic institutions, and all of the political left demand when speaking about pandemics. You should just shut up and listen to the scientists, remember?  

If they're following science and putting their trust in scientists and medical professionals, then why is Bill Gates their poster boy? 

The media interviews him like he's an actual scientist. Every progressive outlet in the mainstream, even The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, had relied on Gates' "expertise" to instruct society on how to behave during pandemics. "What do we do next, Bill? Please save us!" 

But what qualifies him?  

The real reality of the situation is that Gates is just a guy who reads a lot. That's awesome, and you should read as much as you can, but he is not more qualified than any other armchair epidemiologist to dish out medical instruction or advice on public policy. 

I know a guy who reads a lot. He's perhaps one of the most educated guys I know, but he never got any degrees or licenses or anything to prove that he knows what he's talking about. He dropped out of high school. He's incredibly intelligent and wonderful to debate with, but he has no verifiable credentials. 

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There is only one thing that separates this guy from Bill Gates... 

Wealth. Not credentials, just simply wealth and power. 

One lives in a piece of the shit apartment and has a labor job, the other is a billionaire who gets to be an honorary medical professional due to his philanthropy and routine donations to the World Health Organization

The only thing that distinguishes the left's prized celebrity hero of vaccines and pandemics from the brilliant yet working-class guy who knows more than most people, is that good ol' do re mi.  That's right, that insidious manifestation of pure evil they claim to abhor: vast wealth.    

Would anybody in the mainstream media like to speak with the intellectuals of the downtrodden hoi polloi? Get his opinion on why the lockdowns were illogical. Hear what he has to say about wearing masks and social distancing. Get his take on how viruses spread and what to do to stop everyone from dying in the future.  

No? Why not? Because he doesn't have a degree in medical science?

Or because he isn't a billionaire?

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