The Real World Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

The Real World Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

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Do you remember when your surly old grandfather, with an expression of absolute disgust on his face, thunderously declared to you that "the real world doesn't care about your feelings, you stupid kid, so you better toughen up!"

Guess what? He was right.

The real world doesn't care about your feelings. Nor should it. Your feelings are not some kind of tangible, sacred utility that deserves global recognition. You may have a circle of close friends and loved ones you can invite to ride with you on your emotional rollercoaster--and if they cash in the ticket to make that personal connection with you, then that's totally fine--but make no mistake about it, the rest of the world lacks the capacity to care about your feelings. 

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Universities, academia, organized religions, gurus, philosophies and everything in-between have, for centuries, called the human population to reach deep within their souls to find the spirit of caring, to their utter failure. It's simply impossible to force or coax people to be empathetic. People are, of course, empathetic to a degree (and they should be), but the world overall just doesn't care about feelings, no matter how hard progressives and do-gooders want to force the virtue onto everyone. Well, you can't force virtue, it has to come naturally, otherwise it's not virtuous. Duh.

It's a terrible, gloomy proposition to accept the indifferent atmosphere that encompasses the world, but the reality is that it will probably never change. Some people might grow to care about your feelings (or at least pretend to care to portray themselves as generous, kind and virtuous) but the world as a whole never will.

So, what's the solution? Should we give up trying to make the world care about other people's feelings?

Yes. We should do just that. It is seemingly beyond pointless to try to make other people care about anything, let alone care about somebody else's feelings. Hell, most people don't even care about the feelings of their friends and family, or even their own feelings for that matter. Sad, but true.

It's like Tommy Hopkins, one of the greatest salesman in the world, said regarding people who air out all their problems for their friends and neighbors to hear: "80% of them don't care, and 20% are happy to hear you're miserable." 

Instead of blasting all your problems over Facebook and social media, scrambling for somebody to pay attention and show that they care about how you're feeling, the best thing to do is to shut the fuck up and don't say a damn word about your feelings until someone genuinely inquires about them. You'll feel better instantly, I promise. Because half of the dread and gloom you're feeling stems from your expectation that people care and will show you sympathy or affection--but they don't, and that's when the real tears begin. Reality has an efficient, time-tested way of knocking your ass down and beating the shit out of your sensibilities. Tip: you can't get knocked off a chair if you don't climb up onto one.

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Social media may propagate this idea that the world is changing; that people are cultivating a sense of understanding and care for others, but I assure you that it's bullshit. Corporations pushing all this touchy-feely 'care about each other' stuff was designed to sell products by a marketing team in a luxury, high-rise boardroom comprised of ruthless men who would savagely devour you if you stood between them and their profits. Corporations don't care about your feelings, and it's laughable that anyone actually thinks they do, or ever would.

The only sensible course of action is to do what your grandfather told you to do; toughen up, kid, otherwise the world will eat you alive. The real world doesn't have safe spaces. The real world isn't going to hold your hand and tell you that you're special. The real world isn't going to drop what it's doing to make sure you're feeling mentally well and emotionally stable. It just doesn't care, and it never will. 

This doesn't mean you should stop caring about others, it just means that you shouldn't expect others to give a damn about you whatsoever. You can love your neighbor, respect their rights, show compassion to your enemies, be charitable, be self-disciplined, do good in your neighborhood, and be the best damn person you can possibly be, but do not waste your time expecting others to care about you or your feelings. Get out there and live your best life and stop worrying about it. Your grandfather would be proud of you.

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