Joe Biden Says He is Coming For Your Guns

Joe Biden Says He is Coming For Your Guns

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On December 22nd, a few days before Christmas Eve 2022, our humble public servant Joe Biden issued an ominous warning via Twitter to the American People. He is coming to take away your guns in 2023. To be fair, they are not coming for your guns; they are merely aiming to take away your assault weapons.  

Joe Biden is Coming for Your Guns

Now this of course is a very clever way for politicians to initiate banning all guns, which they would never do, but are going to keep trying to do. By using the arbitrarily defined nomenclature of “assault weapons,” they can constantly move the goal posts and explain away any objection. 

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In the U.S. Constitution, under the second amendment, there has always been a right to bear arms. However, if you look very closely at the fine print, they did make an exception when it comes to the fear-inducing and wont-somebody-please-think-of-the-children assault weapon. Bearing arms and bearing assault weapons are quite different, you see.  

Now that Joe Biden is at the helm, Americans feel much safer knowing that ghost guns and assault weapons will soon be a relic of the past much like dangerous street drugs and poverty.  

As you can see, 46 thousand people are delighted by the prospect of living in a world without assault weapons. The time to ban them is now! 

The establishment always knows best, and your safety is their top priority. Only they can be trusted with assault weapons. Joe Biden is handy with an AR15 as all the ladies will tell you.  

Get real, Biden. You're not banning shit. 


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