AOC Warns Gas Stoves Cause Brain Damage--Still Uses One

AOC Warns Gas Stoves Cause Brain Damage--Still Uses One

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Last week the Biden Administration announced that they would be considering a ban on standard gas stoves in America, citing health concerns. 

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, sometime this winter, will release a public comment. 

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Since then, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been taking the fight to Twitter where she suggests in a thread that ongoing exposure to nitrogen dioxide in gas stoves causes cognitive impairment. 

aoc claims gas stoves will cause cognitive impairment


The irony of course is that AOC herself has not made the switch to electric. She wants to continue to alert the public about the safety hazards of gas stoves but can be seen using them in her own NYC apartment. 

Based on recent pictures, you can see there is a gas stove in the background: 

AOC Still Uses a Gas Stove


The convenience of being a politician means that you can warn the public of dangers, but those dangers evidently will not harm you.

The hypocrisy from the talking heads in politics knows no bounds. 

They're no strangers to disseminating a pile of edicts while never having to follow the same. 

Perhaps it is all that nitrogen dioxide that has impaired their ability to reason.

See more info about the Biden Administration banning gas stoves here:  Biden Considers Banning Gas Stoves Over Health Concerns.


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