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We Can't Allow Mass Shootings to Disarm Us

We Can't Allow Mass Shootings to Disarm Us

Libertarian Country |

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders [Vermont] tweeted about the recent mass shootings, urging Congress to take on gun violence in this country. 



Many supporters of Bernie Sanders jumped in to add their comments, calling for the permanent ban of "assault" style weapons. Some rushed to the stage to shout that the NRA should be banished. And others chimed in to show their support for more gun control and gun bans.

Mass shootings are beyond deplorable; we all know that. Libertarians take a firm stance on anti-violence and unprovoked attacks. Our motto is: don't hurt people and don't take their stuff.

We know mass shootings are a horrible problem. Banning guns, however, is not the solution. Legislating new gun laws will not stop violent people from committing violence. It's just a fact.

Gun owners across the nation mourn the loss of innocent lives. We do not support or condone these horrible acts of terror. But we need to search for real solutions, not liberal band-aid solutions that won't ever work.

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Liberals and other anti-gun cohorts are perched on the limb, waiting for the next mass shooting and their chance to capitalize on it--to urge and demand the removal of gun rights in this nation.

Stripping away the freedom and liberty of law-abiding, peaceful people will not solve anything. It will only make things worse.

We understand people are afraid, and they don't want to see mass shootings happening anymore. We get that. We wish mass shootings wouldn't happen, either.

Every time a mass shooting occurs, every gun owner in the country is glared at vitriolically as if we were the ones who pulled the trigger. We didn't. We feel as much pain and sorrow as anybody else does. Mass shootings or any unprovoked act of barbarity churns our stomachs.

There isn't a button we can push that can magically stop all the violence in the world.

Violence exists--unfortunately--and it will always exist.

Our best bet is to remain vigilant. We need more trained civilians who are willing to protect vulnerable citizens. The last thing we want to do is disarm the good guys.

We sympathize with people and understand their frustration. We do. But resorting to the same old tactic of calling for more gun laws will not work.

The Second Amendment was written to protect the rights of citizens to keep and own firearms. Part of that is for citizens to assist in stamping out depraved acts of violence, such as mass shootings.

We can't allow these terrible mass shootings to cloud our reason and provoke our emotional responses to the point that we willingly give up our rights.

We will never give up our rights. We will, however, look for plausible solutions to the mass shooting problem. Our collective goal should be to draft real solutions without sacrificing our liberty.

Please don't allow these mass shootings to disarm us. Liberty is absolutely essential.

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