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Owning a Gun Does Not Mean You are a Violent Person

Owning a Gun Does Not Mean You are a Violent Person

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Some liberals and progressives in the United States believe that people who own guns are violent simply because they own firearms. 

After a mass shooting or a school shooting, people who hold anti-gun views often accost gun owners, asserting that simply because they are advocates of the 2nd Amendment that they are guilty of crimes they did not commit.

Some think you support gun liberty so you must support violence.

Most gun owners would disagree with you. We find depraved acts of gun violence horrifying. We're just as outraged as anybody else.

Those who desire to cause violence often use guns to cause harm. True. However, they could have used another method (bombs, vehicles, poison, knives, a hammer etc.) to commit their crimes. You can't blame the tool, only the individual who uses the tool.


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It's an unfair assessment to think that just because someone owns a firearm or believes in the right to own guns, they are somehow a supporter of violence or guilty of violence. Governments once assumed that certain groups of people were more capable of violence than others, so they executed discriminatory gun laws. It's all based on an assumption rather than facts and reason. 

The gun owner is much like a martial arts practitioner. They become skilled and trained but maintain a philosophical ideology; to provoke violence is contradictory to the art, and they will only use force when necessary.

Naturally, some people learn martial arts just to cause harm to others, but they are not most martial arts practitioners. Likewise, most gun owners are not committing violent crimes.

We're peaceful people.

As a martial arts practitioner and a gun owner, I find violence abhorrent; I believe in peace, love and compassion. Owning a gun does not mean you are a violent person. Stop propagating this nonsensical idea!

There isn't a magic button to push to end the violence in the world, and no law or legislation will stop it either. Preserve the 2nd Amendment; your liberty is just as valuable as your life.

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