The Liberty Movement is Growing, Thanks to Rebels Like You

The Liberty Movement is Growing, Thanks to Rebels Like You

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Don't read the following sentence.

Hey! We'll forgive that one, but definitely don't read the next sentence.

Wow, you're a rebel. I like that.

The liberty movement is growing, thanks to rebels, freethinkers and patriots like you. Give yourself a round of applause. You're awesome!

Americans are disillusioned by the 2-party system. As such, more and more people are identifying as a libertarian in 2023--or are at least becoming sympathetic to libertarian ideas.


Because people are waking up to the government's corruption, they're sick of it. We're tired of having our lives and freedom compromised by psychopathic tyrants and "liberal" fascists.

If the Covid pandemic taught us anything, these so-called experts and government officials can not be trusted. They do not have your best interest in mind.

It's all bullshit, and people are becoming profoundly aware of that.

In a recent interview with Spike Cohen, he told us that "government's disastrous lockdowns and mandates, and the trillions of dollars in "stimulus" spending that accompanied it, were a recipe for disaster for anyone with common sense. The problem is, government as an organization has no common sense."

And he's absolutely right.

Not only were the lockdowns and mandates a disaster for liberty and freedom, but they also destroyed the global economy and stunted children's educational growth. They also caused a whirlwind of other issues largely unreported by the media.

The silver lining, however, was that the events over the last few years woke many people up to the grim reality that the people in control of this nation are unqualified and unfit for the job. Moreover, they see how the system itself is severely crooked.

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It's not working.

Libertarians don't have all the answers, but just because we haven't figured everything out doesn't mean we should keep doing things the old way forever. We have to explore new ideas and new methods of operation.

We must also look to history and allow it to reveal what did work. People operate and function best when they're allowed to be free. For reasons beyond our comprehension, the government is notorious for barricading the flow of freedom.

It's time for them to get out of our way.

What matters most is liberty. We refuse to turn into an authoritarian state like China. We won't allow it--all of us rebels and freedom fighters out there.

The people are resisting and rebelling against the status quo. They see how precious freedom is and what it could be like if we lose it completely. That is why the liberty movement is growing.

We will face many hardships, but hope is on the horizon. We're in this war for the long haul and will not stop fighting until we win it.

Please spread the message to your friends, family and neighbors that we are free citizens of this nation and will no longer abide by tyranny.

We will fight and win this war for liberty and freedom.

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