Read a Book From Your Opponents' Library

Read a Book From Your Opponents' Library

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I'm a big fan of reading. I particularly enjoy science and philosophy. I also feel compelled to read about business and economics. While we libertarians have a reputation for being badasses who do nothing but work out and shoot guns, we do have a nerdy side. 

I have a goal of reading 30 books a year. It used to be 25. It isn't a chore for me because I genuinely enjoy reading. It connects us to the intricate reality of thousands of years of history. You become a part of a vast network of knowledge when you crack open a book. 

It is a true gift to get a glimpse inside the minds of great, controversial thinkers. 

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Now that we have an infinite supply of reading material at our disposal, we can take advantage of these opportunities whenever we get spare time. It is easier now than it has ever been to expand our minds and satisfy our curiosities. 

Years ago we had our own library and we sold books. People would raise an eyebrow when offered Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto for sale. My question to them was always, why don't you have it in your collection? 

You should at least read it.  

While it is important to comprehend your own philosophies and politics, it is critical that you understand your adversaries as well. Take some time to select some readings from your opponent's libraries. You cannot get a firm grasp on your own ideas if they cannot be challenged. They must be put to task. 

Don't worry, there is an infinitesimally small chance that you will become a commie. However, you will know how to defeat their arguments quickly and contemptuously. 

If you agree with this idea, check out What is Self-Education? 

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