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How Did The Left Become Shills for Big Pharma?

How Did The Left Become Shills for Big Pharma?

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Libertarians routinely get accused of being sycophants for big business due to gross negligence in understanding the philosophy of libertarianism beyond its mainstream talking points that pundits get wrong. 

What empowers the corporations are statist interventions, not laissez-faire capitalism. The government and mega corporations are bad enough on their own, the last thing a libertarian would support is the cronyism that made them both more powerful together.

It's a common, lazy misconception but nevertheless, libertarians are not corporate shills. Never have been, and they never will be. 

Once upon a time, we used to share a common thread with the progressive left who also distrusted the nature of big business and government together. While they were always fans of big government, we could at least count on them to call out any corruption the pharmaceutical industry tried to get away with while in cahoots with politicians. 

In the early 2000s, the left was quite critical of pharma's role in the opioid epidemic in America. When pharma-bro Martin Shkreli hit the scene, the left responded with their appropriate outrage and vitriol. Their suspicion and reprehension in regard to the industry were well established. 

With pharmaceutical companies having the largest advertisement budget, and their influence over politicians and lawmakers, one could usually depend upon the diatribe of the progressive left in anything related to big pharma. 

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What on Earth happened? 

After the 2020 pandemic, we lost them. They went on to become the biggest supporters of big pharma ever known. 

Any time somebody would question the motives of Pfizer or Moderna or big pharma in general, the left would now direct their anger toward those unleashing criticism against them. 

When libertarians would point out that big pharma was funding fact-checkers on social media, the progressive left retaliated with a pure vengeance. Anybody who resisted taking the covid-19 vaccine became public enemy number 1. Leftists who once despised big pharma now wanted the government to force all of humanity to take their injections so that the companies could profit billions.  

They became star-struck fans savagely defending the honor of big pharma against any who dare question them. 

Imagine calling a libertarian a corporate shill while on your way to get your 7th booster and supporting mandatory vaccinations. It breaks hearts and tops the charts of hypocrisy. This sad reality is now something the left cannot abandon. 

Because they are so pro-science, they must also be pro-pharma. Those are the new rules. It is now a prerequisite to becoming progressive. You have to worship at the altar of big pharma and wash the feet of tv scientists. 

The legacy is now theirs. We are just stultified that it happened and continue to wonder what went wrong... 

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