Don't Turn Your Back On Science

Don't Turn Your Back On Science

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Controversial actor Clifton Duncan, who was canceled after refusing to get a vaccination against Covid-19, posted back in August of 2021 on Twitter that "The science changes. Yes, It keeps changing into things people said months ago and got banned for."

We recently resurfaced his tweet in light of the revelations that the Covid-19 lab leak theory was now being accepted as the probable origin of the Sars-Cov-2 outbreak by the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Users on Facebook who posted the lab leak theory back in 2020 had their posts removed due to their "baseless claims". Some accounts were even disabled. So, yes, Clifton's parenthetical post to mock them was accurate. 

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One of our followers on social media commented that he was sick of the word science in general and many people agreed with him. 

With the horrendously abusive lockdown policies implemented by power-hungry politicians in the name of science and the communications systems in America (and elsewhere) all falling in lockstep with the propaganda, some grew apprehensive of the idea that we had to "follow the science." 

With dissent & opposition being silenced as the pharmaceutical companies and researchers bribed and manipulated social media networks to manufacture a consensus among experts, and a public hell-bent on a witch hunt against the "anti-vaxxers" who would not cooperate with authority - some began to become disenchanted with the very notion of "science."  

Indeed, it is heartbreaking that the most Orwellian, anti-scientific groupthink neo-McCarthyism that I've seen in my lifetime was perpetrated in the name of something that I love and cherish dearly: Science. 

I haven't seen anything like this since the unhinged fear-mongering of post-911 hysteria in the early 2000s.

What's even more disconcerting is the fact that some people who are otherwise extremely intelligent have turned their backs on science completely. They associate it with fanatical left-wingers who want to use the monolithic power of the state to subjugate them under a medical tyranny where all autonomy and free will come to an end. 

I do not begrudge them their sentiments, but I must simply urge that we never turn our backs on science and the scientific method. 

While scientists can be bought and sold by the political class, science itself has no politics. While atrocities can be committed in its name, science bares no responsibility. 

Natural science, as well as philosophy and the humanities, cannot be claimed by any political or special interest group regardless of how rich and powerful they are.

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It belongs to us all, despite how much that infuriates the authoritarians. No matter how much they want you to believe that only those in power have the authority to question and speak freely, you always have the right to do the same. 

If we relinquish our right to utilize these gifts, then the statists will be able to own and use them for their indoctrination without obstruction. If we turn our backs on science simply because the tyrants exploit the term, then we are allowing them to retain their authority over it. 

Instead, we must take it back! Use every tool we can to resist and frustrate the efforts of the ruling class. In honor of the many great revolutionaries of the past who walked to their deaths as heretics, we must always keep science safe from petulant tyrants. 

Remember, the government is the most deadly religion, and the freethinkers are their sworn adversaries. 

We must utilize the scientific method to ascertain the truth. Demand evidence, and think critically. Be relentless in questioning their claims. Make them show their work. Don't let them get away with their swindling and bullshit

Take them to task using logic, reason, and fact-based evidence. Those in power will always claim they have all the evidence on their side, make them prove it. Beat them with science! Interrogate them endlessly until the truth emerges victoriously!  

Never surrender your love and quest for knowledge. 

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