Don't Apologize For Your Political Beliefs

Don't Apologize For Your Political Beliefs

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Millions of Americans lie about their political beliefs every day, conforming with liberal orthodoxy and to what they think is "socially acceptable." They don't want to be outcasted by their social network, so they hide their real beliefs.

When a person hides what they believe, they are effectively apologizing for their beliefs.

Stop it. Don't apologize for your beliefs. Have courage and conviction and stand up against the thought police and the pseudo-intellectual elite.

P.C. thugs rely on your cowardice to propagate their censorship tactics and to socially engineer the next generation to think capitalism is evil and libertarian philosophy is the antithesis of progress.

They're bullies. And like all bullies, their victim's fear makes them stronger. Once you stand up to a bully, their power diminishes.

Don't be afraid of cancel culture. Who would they cancel if everyone who disagreed with them all stood up at once to declare that they will no longer obey their socio-political fascism?

The regressive left would be powerless if everyone stopped pretending as if they agreed with their nonsensical, ideologically unsound drivel.

For decades, progressives and liberals fought against the neo-puritan evangelical conservative elite in America, fighting a culture war so that people with different viewpoints, lifestyles and ideas didn't have to live in shame and hide who they were.

Now that the progressives have the power, they want the people who they disagree with to hide in political closets. Sound familiar? They became the very monster they sought to destroy.

Libertarian philosophy states that free speech is a natural human right. Principled libertarians stand against all forms of censorship. It doesn't matter if you're a communist, capitalist, right-wing, left-wing, liberal, conservative or whatever--you have a mind, a voice and a right to express your ideas.

Those in favor of political correctness have forgotten the principle of free speech and why it's so important to preserve and protect the First Amendment.

George Carlin once said that "political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners." He was right.

The regressives have waged a censorship campaign against all whom they disagree with, and it must be fought against. We must stand up and declare that we will not be silenced by these fascists.

We will fight back, and we will preserve the foundations of liberty. Moreover, we will not apologize for our beliefs, our values or our principles.

No one should. Believe whatever you feel compelled to believe and stand by your convictions. Progress is only possible with conflict and a free exchange of ideas.

Don't apologize for your political beliefs!


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