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Is it Okay to Enjoy The Content Of Those Who Disagree With You?

Is it Okay to Enjoy The Content Of Those Who Disagree With You?

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The other day I was at a family function and a discussion about the HBO series The White Lotus presented itself. I enjoyed the show immensely and I found the writing to have a lot of depth and substance. As I had begun praising and recommending the series, I was met with a derisive scoff and a rejection of anything that the "woke liberals" from Netflix create. 

This is something I've been noticing a lot in recent years. The trend appears to be that when we're ready to consume television or movies, we must submit everything through our political filters first before we can enjoy the entertainment. 

Do the writers and actors share your political and ethical considerations? Do the producers have the same values as you do? Is the content suitable to your ideological sensibilities? 

It's exhausting at times, but I do understand it. 

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As a Libertarian, I support the free markets creating these echo chambers in any industry. It's good marketing on their end. A customer may feel more compelled to shop at a store or use a service with whom the owners share their credo.

If a conservative wants to go to a restaurant operated by conservatives or a communist wants to go to a coffee shop operated by communists, I'm all for it. That's the beauty of the free market: choice.  

Likewise, individuals can freely choose to forgo giving their business to companies with whom they feel threaten their way of life such as a gay rights activist not stopping by Chic-fila for some waffle fries. 

If somebody feels that some industry or other is dominated by one side of the political train wreck, they are and should always be free to create a rival company within that industry.  

There should be many options in every industry and in every market. There is never a need for more government, just more options. 

But is it okay to like music, movies, tv shows, comedians, artists, etc who do not share your political values? 

In short, yes. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you like the content of those who disagree with you. If you feel they've done something too irredeemable to justify your support, then by all means, refrain. Generally, it shouldn't be a problem for you and there's nothing inherently "wrong" with it.  

If you are a socialist, you can freely enjoy reading Mencken or watching South Park. Just as if you are a libertarian, you can enjoy the music and art, and literature from people who, as we hear all the time, "would have hated libertarians". eyeroll

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To attempt to eschew all entertainment simply because the entertainers aren't perfectly aligned with our political identity is far more vapid and two-dimensional than just admitting that the damn commies can come up with some cool shit once in a while. 

It's important to have your principles and ideas, and you can consume any content you want, but don't let anyone tell you that you're doing something wrong by being entertained by someone who doesn't share your political philosophy.  

You have the freedom to support or reject any content or merchandise you choose. If it means that much to you that your candy bar comes from a conservative company rather than a "woke corporation", by all means, enjoy the masculine, moral chocolate bar. If you're a conservative and you just like the taste of the woke chocolate better, go ahead and open wide & let it slide.

It's all free-market capitalism to us. As long as nobody is forcing us to eat the chocolate of their choice, it's all good in the neighborhood.  

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