Mainstream Media Wants a Monopoly On Misinformation

Mainstream Media Wants a Monopoly On Misinformation

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Let's face reality, the mainstream media does not care about the truth, as long as you're getting their truth. It doesn't matter if it is right-wing or left-wing, when all is said and done, the media is the propaganda arm of the State.

Every popular news publication that condescendingly admonishes the dreaded conspiracy theorist will do so without a shred of concern that you're consuming quality, objective fact-based content. 

The media deals in sensationalism, hyperbole, illusions, narratives, spin, misdirection, and bullshit. 

"If you don't read the newspapers, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspapers, you are misinformed." - Mark Twain

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They have no problem with misinformation, their only problem is that they do not want to share it. They don't want to shut down independent journals because of "dangerous disinformation", they want them eradicated because they do not believe in the freedom of the press

They say that they don't want you putting your faith in the nonsense of the "seedy underbelly" of the internet for your own safety, but they really want you to put your faith in their nonsense. They are jealous overlords who want your mind all to themselves. 

Objectivity is long dead and forgotten. Make no mistake about it. Those who control the information control the culture, and whoever controls the culture controls the politics.   

"Journalism is printing what somebody doesn't want you to read, everything else is public relations" - George Orwell

They need a monopoly over the critical mass of information for the purposes of social control and manufacturing reality.  


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