Don't Tread on Anyone Shirt

Don't tread on me? Yeah, that's a good start, but let's kick it up a notch. How about don't tread on anyone? We are all responsible for ourselves, but we need to stay connected as a group in solidarity against tyranny. That does not devalue individualism, but rather encourages it through voluntaryism. 

We have come to evolve to live in groups and we survive best when we have each other's backs when the boots start trampling our rights. Even if we do not like someone or they don't like us, we still should always fight against tyranny that hurts everyone. As Orwell said, those who support tyrannical means will one day have it used against them instead of for them. If we stop big brother from treading on everyone, we in turn, do what's best for ourselves when they start coming after our rights. 


  • 100% Ringspun Cotton  
  • Heather Colors Contain Polyester  
  • Buttery Soft Material  
  • Side-Seamed, Fashion Fit  
  • Superior Quality DTG Print  
  • Durable, High Thread Count  
  • Eco-Friendly, Sweatshop Free 


    Size guide

      LENGTH (inches) WIDTH (inches) CHEST (inches)
    XS 27 16 ½ 31-34
    S 28 18 34-37
    M 29 20 38-41
    L 30 22 42-45
    XL 31 24 46-49
    2XL 32 26 50-53
    3XL 33 28 54-57
    4XL 34 30 58-61

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