Libertarian Poetry Submissions

We're glad you're enjoying our Libertarian Poems series. To submit your poetry to be published on our website, please read the following.

Read before submitting.

All submitted poems must contain libertarian themes and elements. By submitting your poetry you grant Libertarian Country permission to publish your content on our website.

Submit only your own poetry. All poetry must be submitted by the rights owner only. Do not submit other people's works. Attempted plagiarism will permanently bar the author from any future submissions.

If you have any links to commercial material or websites, or other information you would like us to add, please include it in the body of the email. Requested material will be included at our discretion.

Submitting poetry does not guarantee publishing. Please allow two weeks for submitted material to be reviewed by our staff and published. If your poem does not appear on our website within two weeks, it means we have decided not to publish it.

Tip: We like short poems. Much can be said with fewer words. Poems greater than 500 words may not be considered. 

We appreciate your interest in our Libertarian Poems series, and look forward to seeing your awesome works! 

How to Submit Poetry to Libertarian Country    


Subject: Poetry Submission

Body: Include your name (or pen name), your poem, and any additional information you want us to consider adding.

We will reply to your email when we publish your poem.

Thank you!

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